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El género juvenil se dirige principalmente, como su propio nombre indica, al público joven. Los temas tratados en la literatura juvenil no difieren en mucho de los de la literatura de adultos (amor, tragedia, guerra...) aunque el tema genérico es la búsqueda de identidad del protagonista, dándole más bien poca variabilidad psicológica. Asimismo, los personajes suelen ser creados para que el público lector pueda identificarse con ellos, especialmente los protagonistas (los héroes y heroínas son, pues, j... read more »


GÉNEROS LITERARIOS En este post vamos a hablar de los géneros principales de la novela actual, de cuáles son sus características básicas y de por qué es importante poder clasificar nuestra novela en alguno de los géneros principales. Para empezar, expliquemos brevemente el por qué. ¿Por qué es tan importante definir un género para nuestras obras? Principalmente TRES son las razones: Para identificar a nuestro PÚBLICO OBJETIVO Para encajar dentro de las líneas de las EDITORIALES Para establecer nu... read more »

let me know the date of your burial. (flash fic...

It only opens every midnight, but nobody knows about it. You are very fortunate if you pass by the secret house with its blinking neon sign. Beside the circular door, the Guide sits with tickets between his burned fingers. Do not scream once you see his face—he only has one, black eye and nothing else. [] read more »

be strong for your death. (flash fiction for as...

“Mother, it is truly a good season this time! Look above and see the treat!” Her daughter’s beam makes her lungs constrict. She almost drops the truth behind the structure. “What do you see, Daughter?” “It is a giant chocolate wrapped in a green film. Mother, that is what my Educators have told me. I [] read more »

Drenched With Blocks and Filters (Thoughts)

I have received my subject grades; the bittersweet flavor lingers upon my lips. Another published story around the break of the sunset; no elation over the swirling auroras. Plotting my schedule for next semester; a restless digging to where it should fit. A meeting between Continue reading Drenched With Blocks and Filters(Thoughts) read more »

7,000 Feet

The dynamites need a tracker to explode. I’m the only Red Blood who has a tracker in my veins. This building has to die before they can create machineries against civilians. “Go, Leo!” “Come on!” The Mechanics have tracked us and it tampered our plan; Continue reading 7,000 Feet read more »

Beneath the Ocean

I leave my head beneath the ocean; I free my heart against the shore. Under the longing drench of the afternoon, I sail away from the memories we have weaved. They are the greatest mistakes I have committed yet the best choices I have decided Continue reading Beneath the Ocean read more »

All the Small Things I Want to Do

You know what I want to do? Close that door of yours and kiss you hard against the wall; then, I will carry and playfully throw you onto your couch. I will hear your laugh collides with mine. I will rip my shirt and jeans, Continue reading All the Small Things I Want toDo read more »

Run! Double Time! (Friday Fictioneers)

Greetings! Below is my story for this weeks challenge. Check out Ms. Rochelles page for more information about this fun writings! Lets hammer this story! “Hurry!” As long as they are hungry, they will hunt for food; in particular, flesh. The survivors calmly fall Continue reading Run! Double Time! (FridayFictioneers) read more »

New Book; New Doubts (Thoughts)

A few months ago, a thought crossed in my head regarding starting a new book. It has been a year since I wrote and published my first (e)book, Let the Water Rise and Other Stories – a collection of my short fiction. I must admit Continue reading New Book; New Doubts(Thoughts) read more »


Marcy stifled a laugh as the memory of her neighbor’s words crashed into her head. “They still live there! They can hear your thoughts! Run or they will linger in your head!” Trembling aged lips and crinkled lines around the old eyes. Humming as she Continue reading Champagne read more »

Red Butterflies

I wonder if butterflies only wander out of monotony – exhaustion from the glimpses of vibrant colors; searching for the dark jungles and crepitating branches. I wonder if they ever marvel the vigor they possess from consistent soaring; do they die from a few minutes Continue reading Red Butterflies read more »

Forgotten Movements

Was the grandness of your craft revealed upon the dances you perform for me? As I touched your heated fingers, the held pen moved against the silky paper – writing down the hopeless situations for brilliant-minded characters. Did you ever learn how to blur the Continue reading Forgotten Movements read more »

Cold Coffee

Sometimes, I wish to see you. Just stand from a distance, but not too far that it will be tough to close the gap; to offer you a cup of cold coffee beneath the skin of the raging sun – the temptation to actually tell Continue reading Cold Coffee read more »

Grasping High

“Why do you breathe raggedly?” White puffs of winter smokes out from my cold lips; the searing pain of your heat trespassed the privacy of my chained lungs. Were we ever defined to own it? “I’m in fear; it’s consuming.” “Don’t let go my hand.” Continue reading Grasping High read more »

“From The Sky” by J. E. Nicassio

Author J.E. Nicassio is pleased to announce the release of her young adult sci-fi romance novel, "From The Sky." read more »


The vibrancy of laughter – a hidden mask of a troubled present. Rivers crawl to my cheeks out of the spasms of my stomach. It is a rare occurrence of paradise. You are fine; at least from the doctors. No more sanitized scents and IVs Continue reading Laughter read more »


I tell you to play the violin, but you brusquely snatch the cello and grate its strings. Its sounds elucidate the hollow and empty echoes of our chests. Where can I find your cerulean eyes? As you continue to vanish from my hold, I resume Continue reading Cello read more »


My tears are the wounded words of what you have said; the thoughts of what could have been stories. I do not brush them as they shower my cheeks with madness and truth. You were never there. I have the jagged breaths as I confine Continue reading Brittleness read more »

Fallen Leaves of Spring

Under the vulgar whispers of the clouds, the backbones of the branches crepitated. The harsh howl the old wood released was enough to shake the resting trees – sufficient for a death. Scrapped knees grazed the rock-filled surface of the dried land. If torture was Continue reading Fallen Leaves ofSpring read more »

Lucid Tears

It sparked the ember ashes of the faded light – the breathing went ragged. The liquids drifting from the eyes were filthy and unclear. It echoed the pirouetted dark fogs from the inside. “I hope we’ll be fine.” As if these words would bind the Continue reading Lucid Tears read more »

Deaths and Other Lefts (Poem)

faded prints and letters, forgotten birthday cards, hidden photographs, decayed book spines, crisping papers, dreamed scenes; do not leave without. in my memories, you rest; in your head, i dissolve. WORD COUNT: 30 Thank you for reading this story. If you want to talk Continue reading Deaths and Other Lefts(Poem) read more »

A Humming

“How can I rest?” Eclipses under her weak eyes – a torn tree inside the hazel colors. The haunting clicks and echoing shots do not fade in her crown; her mind has become the king of the death. He keeps his blind eyes closed. Along Continue reading A Humming read more »

“Into The Darkness” by J. E. Plemons

Author, J. E. Plemons announces the release of the second book in his Last Light Falling YA Dystopian/Apocalyptic Thriller Series, Into the Darkness. read more »

Aged Wine :: 100 Word Story

A cup of straight coffee for the lonesome night. It was a perfect treat for a crying soul – feeding the tainted self with a darker substance. “Coffee for the night?” Accompanied by his smug look. I raised my brow. “Drink your wine – it’s Continue reading Aged Wine :: 100 WordStory read more »

Shuffled Cards :: The Fool

I shuffled the cards. The dark ambiance of the room heightened my edginess and anticipation. My hands shook from my own twisted mind. I could not concentrate. “Pause. You have to focus.” Madame Norea said. I breathed out and continued scuffling. I passed it to Continue reading Shuffled Cards :: TheFool read more »

Absence of Flash

The quiet rumple of the white sheets. Flash. She lies over the soft bed – bare and beautiful. Her skin glows under the kiss of the pale moon. Flash. It is beyond midnight, but they are still restless. Flash. A pair of eyes wants to Continue reading Absence of Flash read more »

Beings and Rules

Go; if I don’t return, you have to go. Blood scattered around the city. The Beings and Rules brought war – the death of the rulers was the civilians’ target. Four hours had passed after Royce and Leo went out to search for Royce’s brother. Continue reading Beings and Rules read more »

Lighthouse :: Nowhere To Be Found

It has a been pure ecstasy – the solitariness and being alone. I missed you; should I speak it out loud? I clutch the railings of the lighthouse; do you know that I still fear the heights? The sunset is almost coming – as if Continue reading Lighthouse :: Nowhere To BeFound read more »

“The Boy in The Bin” by Charles W. Massie

"The Boy in The Bin" by Charles W. Massie is a new novel for the fall season. read more »

Winter Steps

They paused when he told the joke – she almost crumbled to the floor as she cackled. It was a grand sound when he joined her. Both pairs of eyes were oblivious to the piercing views of the spectators. From the forming kaleidoscope inside her Continue reading Winter Steps read more »

If the Blue River

If I were to tread the blue river, I would kiss the lips of the water – gulping all the oceans it carried inside. If I were to hold its hand, I would catch the nearest ride and bring it away from the lightning ahead. Continue reading If the BlueRiver read more »

Three Shades of the Sun

Its heat will trespass into my vision—blinding my sight, but that’s fine. I can already feel it sink into my skin; I’m very excited for its rays. I wonder if it will be on purple, orange, or bright yellow. I want to choose all, but Continue reading Three Shades of theSun read more »

Don’t Breathe It Out

You light up a cigarette and blow the smokes in my face; I take it all in. Its scent is so gracious and heaven-made. I smile in the darkness. “Can we live together in a…” I stop my breath from releasing the rest. The stub Continue reading Dont Breathe ItOut read more »

Purple Sunset

In the hopes that we’ll sail through the waves, we wait for its rest and we find that the brightest sun is the twilight of the day. Against the shadows it casts behind our naked bodies, we see the formation of an unknown image—the pictures Continue reading Purple Sunset read more »

Between the Two Fools

He still remembers their last conversation. He thoroughly believes her—equating with all the faltering promises. He never wavers what he has with her. It sticks longingly, sparking spectacles of lights through his chest. She should be here, by this time. He brings with him all Continue reading Between the TwoFools read more »

This is Us Today

I fear the lights—its substance and its effects. It feels as if they’ll always be my courtroom, even if my only crime is I’ve seated against the vandalized wall. There are doves wearing strobe lights and painted with blue and black soaring above my head—dropping Continue reading This is UsToday read more »

Are You Still Around?

Meet me under the pale and light kiss on the swollen moon—where the gentle touches of the sun’s rays embrace the darkness of it. Take my hand and dance me away from the burning grasses of our daily existence. I’m exhausted and nearly dying from Continue reading Are You StillAround? read more »

Explosions :: Dreams

It’s the zephyr between our four lungs—noiselessly burning with the ropes of our hearts. It’s another dimension of life whenever we talk about our dreams. We meet in this café—who seems remote of customers, most of the time—and talk about our last dreams. You’re composed Continue reading Explosions :: Dreams read more »

“Janalya” by Marie Godley

Marie Godley is pleased to announce the release of her new Young Adult novel, "Janalya" read more »

Winter Contraction

Even if it looks abandoned, it’s still a hospital; she still believes help will come. In the corridor with set of chairs she sits, clutching her stomach. There’s a rush of blood between her legs—it won’t stop. Tears run from her eyes and down to Continue reading Winter Contraction read more »

With the Sunset (A Flash Fiction)

Slowly, it was descending from its crown. The sensual haze of its river body casted a shivering shock into my body. How beautiful it was that the hues of orange and yellow gleamed—creating a shadow for the two figures standing near, but never close to it. There were busy humming of the engines from behind [] read more »

“The Fearless Five: Searching for a Niche” by D...

Teen Action Adventure Starts on a Musical Note with "The Fearless Five: Searching for a Niche" by David J. McMullen read more »

Trembling Lips (A Flash Fiction)

“What are we doing?” My breath came out ragged. The kiss your hands against my heated cheeks sent me into a wildfire of lust and want. Your eyes gazed into mine, penetrating and invading the secrets I kept for you and piercing me with your command. I could feel the warm graze of your honey-drenched [] read more »

“Mr. Nimbus and the School Bullies” by Leon Opio

The start of the new school year, "Mr. Nimbus and the School Bullies" by Leon Opio read more »

What Is In My Bag? Girl on the Go Edition!

Some stereotypes are rooted in truth. The widely spread perception that its impossible to go into a Target and only buy one thing is definitely one of those, at least for me! Target always seems to have everything I need, not to mention a whole host of things that I didnt realize I needed it until I saw them posed alluringly on the perfectly organized shelves of my favorite one-stop shop... But lets focus on the things that we actually need today, shall we? I always think whats in my bag posts are a ... read more »

To Fight, This Time (A Flash Fiction)

I don’t know; at this point, I still don’t know.” She tightened her hold around my waist, but I could not let it go here again this time. I had been defying the rules for her and swimming against big waves, but she still could not see it; only feel it. I understood her, even [] read more »

“A Fistful of Clones” by Seaton Kay-Smith

Australian stand-up comedian and writer, Seaton Kay-Smith, publishes his first novel, "A Fistful of Clones." read more »

“Never Forgotten” by Kelly Risser

Author Kelly Risser is pleased to announce the promotion of her young adult fantasy romance trilogy, the "Never Forgotten" series. read more »

My Style: New Yorker Chic

One of my favorite things about NYC, after the convenience of having everything right there and so many great opportunities, is that people are a lot more daring with fashion - and its totally okay to be! Im as guilty as anyone of getting into a style grind and wearing the same jeans and shirts day in an day out, until my fashion choices are more effective than Ambien at causing serious snoozes. Read more » read more »

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