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Banyan trees, Cheung Sha Wan Road

Some banyan trees are at beside Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Tabebuia rosea, Kwai Fong Estate

The Tabebuia rosea (Rosy trumpet tree, 紅花風鈴木) is in blossom at Kwai Fong Estate, Kwai Chung District, New Territories, Hong Kong. read more »

Cotton Tree with flowers, Sham Shui Po

The Cotton Tree with flowers which blooming is at Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Tittertastic Saturday – Two Irish Workers

bethere2day - Two Irish Workers - Two paddies were working for the city public works department. One would dig a hole and the other would follow behind him and fill the hole in. Tittertastic Saturday Two Irish Workers read more »

HK Orchid tree flower, Mei Ho House

Hong Kong Orchid tree flowers was shot at front building of Mei Ho House, Sham Shui Po District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Snowy Tree HDR

Art Photo EarthNatureBy J.M.Zamora Art PhotoSnowy Tree -Andorra - Pyrenees - Europe The Art Of read more »


Крилами важко зачепити своє щастя. Коли воно ходить саме по собі. Без тебе прожити не може. Ти знаєш, що щастя не здатне щезати Чи з'являтись просто так. Ти маєш дбати про нього всіми силами. І кожної ночі про нього снити. Весна дарує мені крила. І хочеться за це їй якось віддячити. Мені немає нічого кращого, як гуляти між квітами та вдихати п'янкий аромат, який доноситься від цих чарівливих рослин. Травневі вихідні минають у повному розслаблені. Я так цього чекала. А ще, я нещодавно зрозуміла, щ... read more »

Blanketed Snowy Path

Blanket on the Purplish Path - Stage OneIt's been snowing just about every dayfor amonth. Take today for example. It started outsunny this morning and then, all of a sudden - or so it seemed - it was as if another blizzard had hit.The whiteouteventually gave way to more sun, and even though I'm sick of the hassle of getting around, I have to admit, it was absolutely beautiful. Everything got coatedagain with clean white snow accenting the cobalt blue shadows. Transparent areas of snow can look green, yel... read more »

Snowy Farm - West Bridgewater

Snowy FarmAlong River Street in West Bridgewater, MA there are lots of old dairy farms, many of which are still actively operating. We were walking through the area because it was a portion of the Bay Circuit Trail. (We are attempting to walk theentire 200 miletrail - ongoing for 12 years now and counting). I loved this section of the trailfor its old fashioned, Americana feel. I was snapping photos in every direction. A rambling farm complex complete with red oxide stained exteriors is the subject for t... read more »

Buddhist Pine, Nan Lian Garden

The some of Buddhist Pines are in Nan Lian Garden that is a classical one and as the Chi Lin Nunnery as is built in the Tang (Dynasty) style, Chi Lin Nunnery, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Snowy Marsh Scene From Studio

This painting is from life, and I'm calling it "plein air" because it was a mere double pane slider that separated me from it. I could have stepped out onto the deck, which has a couple of feet of snow, but I'm weather weary. I could'a' (shoulda, woulda) suffered more for it, but I didn't!I haven't paintedthe marshas much as I probably should, but this is thespectacular view from the studio. With the amount of snow we have had and the astronomically low tides recently, the saltmarsh has become a continuo... read more »

Silver Path

Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works( PANORAMICSHERE)Silver Path-Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe Path Of Mushing El Tarter-Andorra ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS / 45x30cm ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©------------------------------------------------------------------------(mushing-dog sled more photoshere) read more »

The silver

Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works( PANORAMICSHERE)TREE SILVER-Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe Snowy tree Silver today ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS / 45x30cm ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©------------------------------------------------------------------------(mushing-dog sled more photoshere) read more »


Art Photowww.joanmanelzamora.comAll Works( PANORAMICSHERE)Snow-Andorra-Pyrenees-Europe Snowy tree today ORIGINAL SIZE: 6000X4000PIXELS / 45x30cm ------------------------------------------------------------------------THE LITTLE ART PROJECT HERE FRAMES 100% HAND MADE WITH OLD WOOD FROM PALLETSJoan Manel Zamora ©------------------------------------------------------------------------(mushing-dog sled more photoshere) read more »

After the Blizzard

It was two days after the Blizzard of 2015 and although it had been freezing for days, the sun was finally shining brightly -enough to warm things up into the thirties. The roads were still messy so I drove a short distance to Our Lady of the Assumption Church. The issue wasn't finding snow; it was everywhere. The goal was to find a place to pull in, given all the snowbanks. The church parking lot had been plowed and there were even sidewalk areas that were dry. I set up looking southeast towarda kettle ... read more »


Como têm sindo habitual Domingo é sinónimo de inspiração. Hoje trago-vos algumas imagens que serviram de inspiração (tanto em termos de cor e de decoração) para a minha árvore de natal (que em breve vou mostrar). Normalmente monto sempre a árvore de natal no primeiro domingo do mês de Dezembro, pode-se dizer que é um género de tradição aqui em casa e que este ano se manteve. Quero saber tudo, já fizeram as vossas? Que cores usaram? read more »

Hicks Point from Bay Road, Duxbury

Cedars on the MarshIn South Duxbury, Massachusetts, the coastline turns inward and faces Kingston Bay. There are several marshy areas that border Kingston Bay forming pretty inlets. The inlet in front of me in this painting is Island Creek, and presumably it passes under the road I was on (Bay Road). According to the map I checked, the neck of land on the left is called Hicks Point. Wouldn't that house make a great painting location (or home for that matter)! I had to settle for a long view of it ... read more »

A Holiday Message from My Family to Yours

Christmas and the holiday season are a reminder to appreciate our loved ones hristmas and the holiday season are a reminder to appreciate our loved ones, to unite in laughter and embrace the good times. Each year my family and I share in the tradition of putting up the Christmas tree together and thought wed [] read more »

South River View - Studio

South River Color StudyIt was time to work on the large canvas version of the South River View. Inthe previous blog post, I described the color study done "en plein air" for my color reference. The large canvas was 24 x 36 incheswhich Iunderpainted with a warm cadmium red light, raw sienna anda skyundertoneof Naples Yellow. Iknew thatusing these warm tonesas a basewould help give the painting a warmgolden glow. South River Underpainting - Stage OneThe 9x12 color studycame in handy backin the studi... read more »

Trees at Hospital

Trees are located at front of Tung Wah Eastern Hospital, Causeway Bay District, Hong Kong. read more »

Everson Island from Dyke Road

The Green Harbor Riverseparates Green Harbor from Brant Rock in the southern section of Marshfield. Dyke Road connects the two sub-villages of Marshfield just beyond the Green Harbor Marina.If you look upriver, you can see Everson Island in the middle. Everson Island- Stage OneWe drive by this stretch often and it is always a scenic spot, especially at sunset.The land in the middle of the river is called Everson Island, namedafter a soldier from Marshfield who served in the Civil War. According to a... read more »

Something Out of Not Much

South River Park in ProgressI've been painting enough to know that it is not necessary to drive around, wasting time looking for the "right" place to paint. A few other factors now take precedence over a perfect vista, like aconvenient, safe, free parking spot for one. There is a fairly new open space in Marshfield called the South River Park on the main drag in Marshfield directly across from the Hess Station. The first time I visited the park I was a little disappointed. I thought it would lead to a lo... read more »

Motif #1 South

Motif # 1- South in ProgressAn informal trademark of Rockport on the North Shore of Massachusetts isa dark red shack on the Bearskin Neck wharf. Itis often referred to asMotif No. 1 and is recognized even in far-away places. Sixty miles or so to the south in Kingston, Massachusetts, is another gorgeous scene, which I'mcalling"Motif #1 -South." On this perfect May day, I enjoyed the scene while painting this 12 x 16 oil on linen. The underpainting was done weeks ago with cadmium red, which was a good comp... read more »

Warm, Windy, Weather Whipping Weeping Willows

The weather forecastedahigh temperature ofseventy degrees for the, a treat after the horrible winter. In the studio Ilined up some piles of pinks on my palette (for a change) and I set out to find Spring. Iwas thinking that by this time, early April, that the Boston Public Garden would have its usual showy display of floweringbulbs. I found a metered parking spot, parted with ten quarters, and timed my return -two hours. I saw right away that there were no bulbs blooming yet. The most vivid co... read more »

Tropical Watercolors - Loose

View from Mars Yellow Lady SlipperI was fortunate to be able to travel to Aruba this year and just like in years past, I brought my watercolors.Watercolors, althoughnot my preferred medium - provided anice to change. I used 4x6 inch and 6x9 inch Canon brand blocks, but I relaxed my past ways.Rather than using photos or framing tight little scenes,I justtried to match scenery color, only loosely matching the view.I let the colors flow into one anotherusing lots of Caribbean Sea water.This was more like... read more »

Winter Sunset over Carson Beach

What a brutal winter we have had in 2014! Usually by this time of year,there is less additional snow piling up and most of the snow pack has melted. This winter, not only has it continued to snow regularly, but the temperatures have provided a steady state of refrigeration preventing Spring from breaking out.Iknow that I stated that there would be no more snow paintings this year, but I forgot about this one which I did a month ago. Billowy snow clouds were competing with a bright firey sunset over Carso... read more »

Education.... One Size Does NOT Fit All!!! When...

Good Morning my fellow early risers! Today begins a new and exciting adventure in our Rainbow Rider's world! Today we will begin homeschooling our little man! This is a decision we have struggled with for quite some time. After repeatedly being lied to about our son's progress, after the school bus bullying incident, after finding out the kids in the class are told to "ignore" him when he asks for help, after being told to bring an iPod in for him to listen to when he is "distracting the rest of the clas... read more »

Christmas 2013

Hot Chocolate! Turkey! Gingerbread! It's that time of year again. Of course we celebrated Christmas in Newcastle (student style) before going home! The student version of a Christmas Tree After a very long semester one at uni I'm finally off again to spend Christmas at home. The Christmas deco at home was a bit more lavish... Of course there was ridiculous amounts of champagne to be consumed... Ginger bread making! Clearly it was a tough job And let the feasting begin! Terry the Turkey :) ... read more »

Icy Pond at the Inn

 Icy Pond Canvas Underpainted BlackIn the afternoon of our New Hampshire painting weekend,it warmed up to almost forty. The front of the inn where we were staying was very picturesque. I set up in frontof the innlooking down the hill at a ranch style fence which surrounded a frozen duck pond. A pretty white birch on the far side of the pond reached up to the pink winter sky and of course, the mountains in the distance. Icy Pond at the Inn - Stage TwoI began once again with a black gesso under... read more »

C-C-Cold,Cloudy, Frozen Riverbanks

Hawk at Nest  Riverside Stage OneOur second paint-outin Chesterfield, NHwas abit colder than the first one. It was early morning, mostly cloudy and eighteen degrees. We drove along the eastern (New Hampshire) side of the Connecticut River on a road called River Road. There were some antique houses and farms along the way, mostly away from the riverbanks. People were more sensible back when they were built. Right along the shore there were more modern houses and along one stretch we found a boat laun... read more »

Icehouse Lane Winter Marsh View

Underpainting Winter Marsh View from Icehouse Lane - Stage One Winter Marsh from Icehouse LaneThere have been few mild days and the New England snowpack is still intact. The sun is setting later though and the colors have been spectacular. The pre-dusk light on the snow has been pinkish-yellow against the long cornflower shadows. It has been begging to be painted and so I resolve to layer up and get out there.I threw my long down coat, headband and knit glovesin the dryer and whil... read more »

Snowy Gazebo

Snowy GazeboWithtwo freshinches of snow, the scenery looks as you would expectfor the end of January in New England. Along the mainroute in Marshfield, there is a small gazebo just down a sloping boardwalk pathfrom the Veterans' Memorial parking lot. It wasn't plowed so I drove over a small snow pile to get just far enough into the lot to unload my gear. It was mostly shady, but there were slivers of sunlight illuminating the left side of the gazebo and that was what caught my eye. My substrate was a 12 ... read more »

'Flowery Tree' Handmade Card For Sale by BearyA...

'Flowery Tree' 8.25 x 6 Inches Handmade Card by BearyAmazing #BLuvBHugz read more »

St. Stephen's Green - Dublin

St. Stephen's Green, DublinThis painting is the third 8 x 8 inch canvas done with reference photos from our trip to Ireland in September. St. Stephen's Green is an urban oasislocated in the middle of Dublin. It reminded me very much of the Boston Common and Public Gardens. The perfect Sunday weather (yes -again, no rain) drew many people who were enjoying the sprawling greens, ponds and full, floral splendor.The people in this scene were sitting in small groups, most with at least one musical instrume... read more »

Cranberry Bog in January

Stage OneThe deep freeze that had had a grip on us last week eased up and today was a paint out day. It's mid-January but it was a whopping fifty degrees which felt like sixty-five to me. I noticed that although most of the snow pack in the area had melted, the cranberry bogs were still covered with a white frozen layer. I have painted at this cranberry bog along Route 139 and Temple Street in Duxbury many times, but never when it was frozen. Usually the allure of the bright red cranberry harvest gets ... read more »

Snake Handler

Snake HandlerI painted this from a photo taken last summer on the Boston Common. This man was displaying a large mottled snake to a small gathering of people. I don't remember what he was saying about the snake, but I remember being amazed by his deft handling of the creature. (It may be a Southern Copperhead, per a snake identifier site online, if it matters to any readers). I also found it interesting how the man's dark complexion seem to have many reflective colors, especially blue. read more »

Lone Duxbury Beach House

Easel Set UpCanal Street in Marshfield turns into Gurnet Road at the Duxbury town line and continues all the way to Duxbury Beach Reservation. Between the entrance to DBR and the bath house (also housing Blakemon's Fish Shack) there is a lone house in the middle of the dunes. A local person who lives nearby told me that the house is privately owned by a lawyer, who lives in Virginia, although the land is leased. According to Duxbury Beach Book, there were more houses back in the early 1900's, but one b... read more »

The amazing tale of Tankford the tree

Well that's a nice surprise - in my work inbox this morning, in amongst the demands for bill payments and threats if we play any more Miley Cyrus, I discovered some very nice news. I now own a tree. Mine. Finding out you now own a tree first thing in the morning is aterrificway to start a Thursday and in celebration of this amazing gift, I have named him Tankford. Because it's my tree now (allegedly) and it obviously needs a 'powerful tree' name. Now as much as I'd like tobelievethat random people... read more »

Manastirea Poiana Marului – Bisoca, Buzau

Manastirea Poiana Marului Bisoca, Buzau is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes... Manastirea Poiana Marului Bisoca, Buzau is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes... Bun gasit! Iata ca a venit si momentul vizitarii locatiilor de interes ale judetului Buzau, nu putine la numar, astazi Manastirea Poiana Marului, un loc feeric situat pe varful muntilor Buzaului. Acest loc minunat este foarte putin cunoscut, poate [...] Related posts: Manastirea Crasna Manastirea Crasna is a post from: Romania Through... read more »

tree of light…

So, a short break from Deep Creek, Maryland and *poof* were now in Milton, PA.  Yes, the motherland of my dear Jay.  We stopped in Milton on our way to New York City this past October during a much needed vacation week.  Roadtrip!!!  Anyhoo, there are some photo op gems in Milton, if you hunt [] read more »

That's what I love spring.

Для мене весна - це пора романтики, приємних спогадів, нових мрій та бажань, це пора натхнення та нескінченної ніжності. Ще від початку весни я чекаю моменту, коли на деревах почнуть з'являтися квіти. В цей час також розпускається бузок і наповнює пахощами мою вулицю у рідному містечку, а біля будинку квітнуть кульбаби з конваліями. І цілий день та всю ніч можна чути співи пташок. І ти розумієш, весь світ живий, і мені здається, що немає такої людини, в якої б весна не пробуджувала справжні, ніжні та щир... read more »

Happy World Ocean’s Day – Free Printable

How often do you think about the ocean? If youre me, then the answer is almost everyday. I LOVE water being in it, around it, and even drinking it. My dream is to move to South Carolina no more Continue reading Ms. Veronicas read more »

Whether and When to Use The Definite Article?

The problem of 'the' isever with us. The definite article, as opposed to the indefinite 'a' and 'an',tends to place a claim of specificity on the attached noun, rendering it aspecial item. So, 'an oak tree' is an entirely different proposition from 'theoak tree'. The former is just one member of the forest, without distinction andlacking the importance of that definite article. The latter, of course, iselevated into a position of superiority by its adjective, which identifies itas not just one of the cro... read more »

Christmas at mom and dad’s…

We had so much fun with our family and friends in Washington for Christmas! My moms trees and Christmas decor was fabulous as always, the food was delicious (I even made a contribution, which I will share in another post), and the family and game time was a blast! [...] read more »

Edge of Glory

I am sorry. I have been unable to communicate for the week. Why? I lost the spark, the fire... my funny. I don't know that I have it back but I decided to come out of my troll cave and say hi to everybody. Hi.So... I finished finals last Thursday. It was amazing. My last final was microbial genetics. I was up until 2:30 in the morning at Ihop studying for it. Then I woke up at 6:30 to continue studying for ituntil my final at10:30... which I aced in case you were wondering. After the final I ran out to t... read more »

DIY Christmas Ornaments Part 2

{via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} See DIY Christmas Ornaments Part 1! read more »

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

We got our first snow here in Tennessee last night! Everyone is going crazy over snow in November, but I love! Definitely puts me in the Christmas mood. So what about an all white (or mostly white) Christmas? {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} [...] read more »

West Elm Love

Who loves West Elm?? I DO! Check out a few of my favorites from the newest items below, and then visit their website and enter for a chance to win a trip to NY! (Please let me win!::fingers crossed::) ^^ Arent these 12 Days of Christmas plates adorable?? ^^ read more »

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