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3 Ways To Choose The Right Cloud Storage

3 Ways To Choose The Right Cloud Storage There are many choices for cloud storage services out there like Dropbox OneDrive and much more. Although these services offer users many similar features. It is important that you understand the differences between them. Luckily there are 3 ways to choose the right cloud storage. Cloud Continue reading "3 Ways To Choose The Right Cloud Storage" The post 3 Ways To Choose The Right Cloud Storage appeared first on The Virtual I.T. Chick. read more »

Unlimited Storage for Google Pixel

Google just announced their new smartphone called Google Pixeland it has a very promising features. One of the features that I’d like to point out is the unlimited storage for full resolution photos and videos. Goodbye “Storage is Full” notification then. The company actually provided it already before via Google Photos service where your photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage but requires to use the storage under your Google Account. Google Pixel user can enjoy this free service fr... read more »

A Ghoulishly Good Sale!

Serving just got a whole lot more spooky with our Small and Medium Longaberger Ghoulie Goodie Baskets! Perfect for Halloween or entertaining this Fall, both of these baskets work to serve you! Add the Small Ghoulie Goodie Basket for only $29 and the Medium Ghoulie Goodie Basket for just $55! The small Ghoulie Goodie Basket is perfect for dips, cheeseballs or storing small items in. The Medium Ghoulie Goodie Basket is perfect for bread, crackers, friut, Trick-or Treat candy and serving for the holiday's... read more »

Guest Post: Maximizing Your Closet Space

by: Nina Berenato Organizing your closet space is a drag, but the peace you will feel when you can open the closet door without being overwhelmed by your mess will be worth the effort. Many storage solutions cannot hold up to the stress and weight of your clothing. Choosing fixtures that maximize your closet space [] The post Guest Post: Maximizing Your Closet Space appeared first on In Pursuit of Simple. read more »

Creative Updates

A lot of creative goodness to share with you all, and a few ole updates! I am currently working on a commissioned piece, I'm very excited about it! I'm liking it so far, but I have layers to add and another week to finish it up! It's an elephant painting. I am cleaning the studio, again. I'm always moving things around and re-organizing. I did manage to play with some stuff I forgot I had over the weekend, and got to try out a set of watercolors I had purchased but never used! I purchased the wooden cabi... read more »

Physical Storage Structures

All these are called various instances of Oracle where from time to time physical unit of Oracle database pulled data and data files from cache segment of logical structure of an Oracle database. Evert Oracle database has a control file. Control files have specific information regarding the physical structure of database files. Each control files [] read more »

Now You Can Share Files As Large As 10GB With O...

In a blog post posted in The OneDrive Blog yesterday, Jason Moore (Group Program Manager, OneDrive) announced the increased file size limit in OneDrive for both consumer and business users. Earlier it was just 2GB per file and now you can upload files as big as 10GB using the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, ... read more »

Apple Reduces iCloud Prices And Introduces New ...

Along with the launch of new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, Apple has decided to reduce prices for iCloud storage and now offers a new storage tier of 1TB. Although it was announced in the WWDC 2014 in last June, it was just yesterday they made it available for public. This was something that users ... read more »

Kapasitas Penyimpanan Komputer - Pernahkah terpikir oleh kita bahwa apa yang kita beli tidak sesuai dengan barang yang kita terima? Contohnya saat membeli flashdisk 8 gb tetapi yang terbaca hanya 7.44 gb. Mungkin jika itu sebuah flshdisk tidak terlalu berarti karena kehilangannya hanya sedikit. Tapi kalo kita membeli Harddisk eksternal 500GB, maka kita hanya mendapatkan 465GB -an berarti [] read more »

Understanding Your Refrigerator

Do you understand your fridge? Are you aware of what you should and should not put in your fridge? Image source Pixabay Let me just start with a list of things recommended to be put in the fridge. Dairy : things like cheese, eggs, butter, margarine, yoghurt, milk Juice Prepared foods Whole grains such as brown rice, whole-wheat flour,oatmeal Salad dressings Mayo Bananas Oil With bananas, it usually depends on how and when you want to eat them. If you buy it when it is green and want to eat it m... read more »

Charged Up For Him

One night some 5 years ago the following happened and I wrote about it. As Tina and I sat there watching something on the TV, we heard a pop. At first I thought it was the wind throwing something at the window. A little while later. Pow! This was way too weird. Someone was shooting [] read more »

Mobile game Auction Wars goes FREE thanks to St...

The No.1 hit mobile game Auction Wars: Storage King is now free to download. The makers of the app, GameDigits Ltd., are pleased to announce that it is their partnership with the company Storage King that has made this possible. read more »

Cheap Bow Storage

As I mentioned in my last blog, there were about seven students in total, which is the most amount of students that I have personally coached at once. Introducing archery to Leahurst College students was a lot of fun. To teach Continue reading read more »

Storage Problems

My wish for 2014 is to be clutter free! I have re-arranged our room for the nth time, and this time, I thought for sure it would make our bedroom seem much bigger than it actually is. Unfortunately, rearranging the furniture and bringing in new furniture also meant getting rid of some of the furniture read more The post Storage Problems appeared first on Life According to Me. read more »

More Mudroom Planning

Our mudroom is currently the room with the treadmill but eventually we will add storage solutions to make this an uber functional space. That wall to the left of the window in the photo above is the perfect spot to tuck away some free standing closets. If you remember back in November I talked about [] read more »

{Product Review} Sky Zig Zag Canvas Folding Lau...

{Product Description} “Getting the blues is a good thing! Modern Littles brings the sky down to earth in this collection of bins that celebrates the true-blue hue. Classic colors and modern flair make them an ideal centerpiece for your sweeties space.” (Product description courtesy of Modern Littles) {Features} Canvas material 2.5 mm Cardboard insert Natural metal eyelet handles Foldable (Features courtesy of Modern Littles) {Product Uses} This adorable bin can be used for many different things! The int... read more »

Love: Teal

I really do love the colour teal, so much so that its our main wedding colour! Theres just something so...calm about it. It reminds me of the deepest parts of the ocean, the great below. I also love, love, love Etsy so I thought Id put together a collection of gorgeous teal pieces sourced only from Etsy sellers*. The best part? Everything here is under €50, so if youre looking for a lovely Christmas gift, look no further! Read more » read more »

Some shopping (and a doppleganger)

Happy Sunday everyone! This post is a bit late in coming to you, Ive actually had it lined up for the last week and kept forgetting to put it up so apologies. Anyway, when we went shopping for paint testers there were a few lovely bits and pieces that I spotted whilst I was out and about and I wanted to share them with you guys. First up was our trip to BQ to get the paint. Naturally enough I cant resist a trip around the entire store when Im there (though the Big Guy was relieved that he managed to kee... read more »

Why do you need to back-up?

Everyone loves downloading. Downloading images, downloading videos and oh so many more. Sometimes we use these things we download for school, for personal and work purposes. But what we always forget is to back-up are files as well. We always think its okay to move on but there are many instances that accidents happen. When [...] read more »

Storage and Organization

If you want to make your life clutter free and organize, then a storage organizer is a great tool. It is a big help in organizing the things in your home. Every home benefits from storage and organization and storage cabinets come in a variety of styles to provide the storage solutions to your typical [...] read more »

Magnetic Chalkboard and Key Rack

I need this for right inside my door! Available in store at Ikea. read more »

Bathroom Babinet Storage – BHG

BHG has a great collection of storage solutions for your bathroom. Check out these great storage ideas! Mason jars also make for unique storage in the bathroom! Check out this... Read The Rest read more »

Bathroom Cabinet Storage – BHG

BHG has a great collection of storage solutions for your bathroom. Check out these great storage ideas! Mason jars also make for unique storage in the bathroom! Check out this... Read The Rest read more »

Bathroom/Vanity Storage Idea

Most people keep a bottle of hairspray in their home, and more often then not the lids get lost or tossed before the hairspray is even gone. Sometimes I will... Read The Rest read more »

Book Shelf

Its a book shelf!! I love it! Can you tell I tried to color coordinate my books?? My hubby made it for me and we stained it together. and here... Read The Rest read more »

Stair Case Storage

Brilliant built in storage idea for the stairs! Check out these unique storage ideas I posted about earlier! Here is a great way to add extra cabinet storage space! read more »

More Scarf Storage

We may have put our winter scarves away. but summer scarves are now out in full force! Here are some more great options for storing scarves! {via} {via} {via} Here... Read The Rest read more »

Новый постер от Майкрософт–архитектура Hyper-V ...

Для лучшего понимания новшеств архитектуры Hyper-V (Hyper-V Replica, networking, virtual machine mobility (live migration), storage, failover clustering, and scalability) в бета-версии операционной системы Windows 8 Server Beta стал доступен для скачивания постер Windows Server “8” Beta Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster. Скачиваем как всегда в центре загрузок Microsoft по этой ссылке. Filed under: Hyper-V, Windows 8 [...] read more »

Bathroom Inspiration (Brainstorming)

1. Metal Letter 2. Wire Letter 3. Burlap Wall Art 4. Metal Stencil Letter 5. Ruffle Shower Curtain (Im going to make one!) 6. Wire Baskets (For towels, magazines, etc.) 7. Wire Trash Can 8. Distressed Wood Cabinet (Would LOVE to find a metal over-the-toilet cabinet!) 9. His and Hers Metal Bikes 10. Jars [...] read more »

Unique Storage Ideas

Check out these unique storage ideas! You can really save space, or put your storage to work for you {via} {via} {via} What creative storage idea have you used? read more »

Scarf Storage

This is a creative way to store scarves and still have easy access to them! {via} read more »

Ikea Living Inspiration

Here are some of my favorite living area ideas from Ikea right now. For more wall collage ideas, click here and here. For more Ikea inspiration, click here and here. read more »

Revamped Armoires

Remember this post about transforming a hutch or armoire into a pantry? Well, here are a few more inspiring ideas from Better Homes and Gardens! via via via read more »

Creative Shoe Storage

I was in a bookstore Sunday browsing through a few magazines, and I came across a brilliant way to store shoes! I like to keep mine in boxes so they dont get squished or ruined, but when the time comes to find a pair you guessed it.. Im digging through all the boxes in a [...] read more »

DIY Storage Ideas

This is a great episode by The DIY Dish! DIY ways to store and organize your craft supplies read more »

Mason Jar Storage

How amazing is this?? Hmmm I might need to try this one soon! Check out Liz Marie Blog. read more »

使用Google Storage自动备份

如果你的机器是放在国外,或是暂时不为被墙所担心,那使用Google Storage备份数据非常好。 优势很明显,存储空间大,速度快,还有最重要的稳定。 经常手动备份很麻烦,如果你的网站是运行在Linux系统上,又已有Google Sto[显示全文] read more »

Bathroom Idea 2

After all the painting weve already done Ive been trying to see if there might be an easier, but still really cute thing to do in the bathroom that doesnt involve painting the whole bathroom. If you checked out the pictures, you know that the walls are a taupe/tan color. Anyway I have come across [...] read more »

Save your photos

Take a picture, how do you feel? As for us, we like taking pictures because it captures every happy moment. A smile can be traced on those photographs and it helps keep the memory. But the problem is, what if it’s your storage device that is out of memory? What I mean is what if your computers are [...] read more »

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