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Dirimu sangat indahPesonamu takkan pernah padamKenanganmu akan selalu melekatCintaku akan tetap ada untukmu, surga yang aku rindukanWalaupun aku telah menjadi cerita usang,dan laguku takkan pernah selesai kamu mainkan... read more »

Tanpa Melodi

Kau berjanji akan tetap menantikuTapi hanya kebohongan yang aku dapatiResah harapku terpendam amarahHanyut hingga terbawa menepi di perasingan dan tak berarti lagiDan aku belajar bersabar dari kamu yang mengkhianatiku, menyakitiku, dan menyelingkuhiku... read more »

Surat Cinta Untuk...

Bila musim bergantiSampai waktu terhentiWalau dunia membenciKu kan tetap disiniKarena telah kuhabiskan,sisa cintaku hanya untukmu... read more »

Like a Stone

Di siang yang basah dan dinginDi sebuah ruang yang hampaAku tenggelam dalam ceritaDalam buku tentang kematianMembaca bagaimana kita akan mati sendirian... read more »

"Daffodils" an orignial song by A L I A

LISTEN TO IT HERE: Find her on Facebook at Check out her Website at read more »

"Daffodils" an orignial song by Alia Grace

LISTEN TO IT HERE: Find her on Facebook at Check out her Website at read more »

Julia Cole's original song "Smokeshow"

Like Julia on Facebook at Julia's website at read more »

Julia Cole's Original Song "Wicked Ways"

For more by Julia Cole visit Julia's page on Facebook at read more »

My Weekend Explained In One Song  Nuff Said. Enjoy. read more »

At the end of the day

Thinking about/listening to: "Every Tear is a Waterfall" by ColdplayIt's been getting pretty dark, relatively quickly here, like, by 7:30pm-which can befrighteningwhen I'driving out on country roads all on my lonesome.There wasn't a Vlog post this week, due to me working four days out of the five school days plus dinner at a friends and homecoming stuff, and Wednesday night I completely dedicated to Homework which was an incredible asset to me later in the week.Overall, I'm still fried. And I just finish... read more »

Mama taught me not to waste my Life-Wings

Photo Credit to: and kudos to the person who posted this on Instagram/TumblrIn case you're wondering, like the sweet reader your are, how my Vlogging business is going, it's going! Talking on camera is very different from writing, and definitely more factors involved instead of what font to use and what pictures to include, lighting is one big thing-for sure!To see the latest Vlog, Click HereBasically it's pretty slow going, but I really enjoy what I'm doing. Of course I... read more »

Soulful Melody : Tahu by Fynn Jamal

I came across a Malay song that I find to be very soulful recently. Tahu by Fynn Jamal dan kau tanya dalam diamdengan mata kau biar pejambagaimana mampu wujud sunyidi riuh engkau berdirisatu persatu hilang ertinyaberdikit dikit menyesak dadamahu kau lari dan bersembunyitapi mana engkau harus pergihaus tak terpuas lautanlapar tak terkenyangkankau tahu namun tak kau akukankau selongkar bumi langit petalasedang jawabnya lama engkau adamaka perlu apa engkau bongkar galikalau cuma diletak tepisayu tak ter... read more »

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Received a text from mom last Saturday informing me about a spontaneous visit to the cinema as bro and sis wanted to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction. Or as they say, Transformers 4. Anyway, I'm a movie fan but not a movie critic. I love movies. I love action. I love CGI. Well, probably has something to do with the actors and actresses at times.For me, I like this fourth installment but the same couldn't be said for others. Some people argue that it's a bore and some said that 3 hours is way too lon... read more »

League of Legends präsentiert Pentakill Album

Das wir von #LeagueofLegends öffter mal das eine oder andere Musik Stück von Fans präsentiert, doch diesmal soll es ein komplettes Album geben. Aus dem Video Pentakill - LichtbringerDas erste Lied von #Pentakill - #Smite and #Ignite gibts natürlich hier->Am 3. Juni in also knapp einer Woche gibts das komplette Album, bis dahin hört einfach mal in den ersten Track rein: read more »

Marion Aunor Narrates the Story of Feeling Inlo...

Love really makes every person inspire to be creative. Whenever we fall inlove, we are inspire to sing, to write a song, or even compose a poetic article to narrate the feeling we were experiencing. Or the other hand, if we are brokenhearted, we are getting emotional keeping us to write or release the feeling of bitterness in many other ways. Well in my case, I experienced those two things pertaining to love! In case of Ms. Marion Aunor, the "Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs" third-place winner, she can wr... read more »

Get Daftingly Lucky !

Guys I have this sneaky feeling that i am one of the last ones to discover this song, but hey I find this song by Daft Punk so super groovy! Up all night to get LUCKY!  Ok hold your neighing horses of imagination there enjoy the peppiness of the song will you.. Oh please [] read more »

I got sand in my shoes..

So am going to Goa to enjoy Sun,sand the sound of waves! Super excited!Yay! Am supposed to be packing but am surfing stuff predictably like the net junkie that i am . I came across this song of Didos that i used to hear in school. You can always sing her song with or [] read more »


At the risk of being lame being the millionth person saying some inane thingummy like  work runneth over me keepeth me there with face on dirt yeah you get the ideayeah it kept me there yeah it kinda led to the appalling normalisation of my head making me narrow mindedly fixed [] read more »

Lirik lagu Tegar - Aku yg dulu bukan yg sekaran...

Skang ni kan tgh popular lagu Tegar yg selalu kuar kat radio. sedap lagu tu, tapi aku suka yg version asal. ditambah plak dgn suara ASIKKK kat belakang..lagi satu lirik dia penuh dgn makna. yuk kita tgk video klip ngan nyanyi lirik.. aku yang dulu bukan lah yang sekarangdulu disayang sekarang ku di tendang.dlu dlu dlu dlu ku pendiansekarang hancur berantakan. aku punya pacar anaknya orang kayadulu setia sekarang dia pendusta,dia orang kaya aku orang ga punyatp cinta ku yang pling setia.hidupku hanya lah ... read more »


So after a long day (and part night) at the office i like to unwind like countless people of my generation by plonking myself in front of my laptop, to surf the net. Sometimes i youtube series . Nowdays I am watching The Cosby Show a really old family show. Its adorable with oodles of really [] read more »

Let her go…

Heard this song on Karaoke night at a local watering hole called loveshack last wednesday. I fell in love with the guitaring and the simple lyrics. No verbal or musical calisthenics in this song. A very simple tune , a simple expression reminding you of simple times. I kinda got a country feeling from this [] read more »

Will you still love me ?

Song 1 for today! .. Damn good music voice overcome the confused,shallow principle behind the lyrics in this one. That was my first impression of the song but then i got to thinking. You know what? This actually Sounds like a real woman. Not a keep me my thoughts on a pedestal kind [] read more »

Lifesong Miracle…

Life is full of miracles, and any father can relate to this lifesong quote. read more »

A car ride, a birthday & an old song

Yesterday was my Bday this time I got to spend it with my family after many years . It was relaxing, nice, fuzzy fun. In the evening the whole family went out for dinner I received an unexpected gift - I sat in my parents’ car after a real looong time they [...] read more »

Day Seventeen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Alive- Far too often we walk through life relatively unconscious – going through the motions habitually without feeling anything like driving a car for instance. Today, you can increase your sense of aliveness in everything you do and Continue reading read more »

Day Sixteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Optimistic- How do you live out your life? Who are you? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Which category do you fall into? The typical pessimist believes that when something bad happens, it will last a Continue reading read more »

Day Fourteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Heart Healthy - Keeping your heart healthy should be at the top of your priority list each and every day. But with our busy modern day lifestyles and hectic agendas, finding the time to work our tickers can sometimes prove difficult. Continue reading read more »

Day Thirteen – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Glowing - Do you remember how you felt after your last meeting with another person either on the phone or face to face? That person could have been one of your customers, a colleague, a salesperson, a friend or even Continue reading read more »

Day Ten – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Patient - Perseverance equals Patience. How long can a person endure the delay for the answer to our waiting, or our impatience to arrive? Being patient is hard work. Being patient requires a calm spirit to analyze the moment. Recognizing Continue reading read more »

Day Nine – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Loved - Love languages can be spoken in various forms, actions, and moods. Love is sacrifice. Putting another before you is the true act of unconditional LifeSong love. There are a variety of ways to say I love you, Continue reading read more »

Day Six – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Consistent - When I was in Europe I had a craving for a Big Mac so I decided to visit a McDonalds Restaurant in downtown Munich. Much to my surprise every part of this fast food giant in Germany resembled Continue reading read more »

Day Five – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Decisive - Making key life decisions is an art most of us need some help getting better at. Following another person’s thoughts or ideas is not a good life plan. When you blindly follow another person, you are giving Continue reading read more »

Day Four – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be a Dreamer - Dreaming can take us to places that Walt Disney either created or would have eventually. To be a dreamer takes diligence, and hard work. Dreamers think big! Dreamers have great imaginations, and the dreamers mind quickly creates a plan to fulfill the realities that once were just a thought. Conforming to the worlds Continue reading read more »

Day Three – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Yourself - We’re going to pull out the big guns today! The biggest shoe company in the world has the slogan “Just do it”. It just seems appropriate on day three of the 30 day challenge, and our slogan should be “Just be you”. Have you ever wondered why you are always trying to Continue reading read more »

Day Two – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be Beautiful - Have you ever walked up to a freshly clean car only to find that on the inside there is garbage spewing all over the seats and under them as well? Being beautiful doesnt require wearing those lacey under garments as one famous retailer portrays beauty to be. The media also dictates that Continue reading read more »

Day One – LifeSong 30 day challenge

Be confident – We all fall short of being confident especially in situations when we are challenged. In this 30 day challenge starting with being confident is a life necessity for successful living. Stand tall, believe in yourself, and portray yourself as a leader. The majority of people will follow a confident leader, and as Continue reading read more »

Second Wind…

Are past your prime? Have you conquered everything this life has to offer? Is your energy level low, and your tank appears to be empty. The phenomenon I want to share with you is as amazing to me as an athlete recovering from what a marathoner calls “the wall”. This occurs towards the end of Continue reading read more »

Rust Never Sleeps…

How’s your energy level today? Need a little boost? Does life seem like it is at a standstill? Time to break free from the rust and give yourself a fresh new coat of paint! Hey even a car wash will do! Energize your life! Live it to its fullest! Shake the dust off of your Continue reading read more »

Life is short…

Do you love the way things are going in your life? Is there something coming up in your life next that you are really looking forward too? Don’t allow life to pull you down. Whatever happened in the past let it go. It may be the hardest thing for you to do, but you have Continue reading read more »

Soaring to new heights…

Recently I heard a gentleman on the Today Show tell the world about how his parachute didn’t open when he was skydiving, and he lived to share his amazing story! While he was speaking I noticed he never thanked God personally. He thanked Buddha, God, and Mohammad. Sounds to me that he is not spiritually Continue reading read more »

Lifesong Dream Boards…

Have you ever wondered what you would like to do with your life, or be when you grow up? Do you want to start over, or are you looking for new challenges? Is it a new job, marriage, travel, or relaxation that you wish for? Those thoughts have roamed through my mind the majority of Continue reading read more »

Magical Life…

Have you ever witnessed the running of the bulls? The only escape is running as fast as you can through the narrow streets, and hoping you will not be trampled. How about those crazy daredevil clowns at a rodeo? Clowns are funny but one mistake, and it could be their last! In both situations there [...] read more »

Love Song…

Today let’s talk about why things happen, and the timing that takes place for them to transpire. I am constantly observing my fellow man to seek out what really makes us tick. Through my life I have enjoyed times of laughter, and times of sadness analyzing each moment with a curiosity of the why or [...] read more »

Life Song Dreams…

Take a look around at your current life moment and ask yourself if all your dreams have been fulfilled. Have you attempted to challenge yourself to a higher level of success? Today is that day to seek out the strategies to culminate your life song dream! This is what we live for, and let no [...] read more »

No Life?

Is there ever a time in your life even for a brief moment you just need the circumstances, or wish for the clock to slow down. We’ve all have been there more than once. How do you handle such chaos? Let me share with you today a simple procedure that may enlighten, simplify, and possibly [...] read more »

Living a balanced life?

Some of the most amazing and extraordinary places on earth will sometimes allow you to step back in awe and wonder “how in the world did this every come into being”? During my life I have traveled along many roads and trails, and if my balance is off ever so slightly, it could be my [...] read more »

Song Saturday Returns

This week sees the return of Song Saturday with this wonderful song from Snow Patrol….. All I’ll say is it’s our song, Mr K asked me to listen to it once and it’s perfect, I said yes!!!! read more »

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