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November giveaway! GPS-guided travel article

It's hard to say what came first, traveling or travel documenting. There are accounts of travelogues dating to the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279) through Medieval times and into recent history. The Italian poet Petrarch described in personal terms his experience of climbing Mount Ventoux in 1336. A few years later, Moroccan world traveller Ibn Battuta wrote Rihla (The Journey), A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marve [...] read more »

Visiting A Local Park

For much of Saturday, I was able to visit a well known local park. As one of my friends little girl was having a birthday party.My boyfriend, my daughter, a friend of my daughters and me went together.I was able to see many people I have not talked toin awhile. The park has many trees throughout it. many of trees have nuts that feed the local wildlife. Such as hickory and walnut.It is great for taking scenic photos. Among the trees you will see wildlife that frequent the local area. Such as black squirr... read more »


Art PhotoRiversBy J.M.Zamora Art Photo Flowers- Andorra - Europe The Art Of read more »

पंजाब पुलिस ने रोका सतलुज के पानी का हमला

पुलिस ने उच्च अधिकारीयों सहित पहुँच कर ठीक किया टूटा हुआ बाँध लुधियाना; 13अगस्त 2015: (पंजाब स्क्रीन ब्यूरो): लुधियाना के लोग लम्बे समय सेइस तरह कभी दहशत से नहीं गुज़रे जिस तरह उन्हें अब गुज़रना पड़ा। पंजाब मेंआतंकी घटनाएं अतीत की बातें हो चुकीं। नयी पीढ़ी इस तरह की बातें सुन कर हैरान होती। बच्चे पूछते कर्फ्यू क्या होता है? कभी किसी स्कूल में बम की अफवाह, कभी किसी माल में, कभी किसी अस्पताल के पास.... कुल मिला कर लुधियाना के लोग परेशान हो गए। इसी बीच खबर आई कि सतलुज दरिया का स्तर बढ़ गया है और दरिया के ... read more »

The Radical Steps and Ruskin's View, Kirkby Lon...

The full set of pictures can be viewed on my Flickr account at,[email protected]/sets/72157651436752217/ Please like, share, and retweet on Facebook, and Twitter, read more »

Stream Down by the Barn

Stream by the Barn UnderpaintingAnother snowscape!? But see?There is melting going on here ... a sign ofinevitable Spring. :)The barn in this painting is located in Lee, MA next to the Devonfield Inn.I was picturinghow the barn may have looked when it wasoriginally built. It was probably red oxide (the cheapest and most available paint back then), certainly not white. The mid-winter setting and frozen stream probably didn't look much different though - pristine!Themodernized barn was white so that was th... read more »

Gray Marina

Silvery DockIt was December, two days before Winter Solstice and the gray, mistylook ofthe beach got me thinking it would be a good day to paint at the marina. Strangely, there was barely a wisp of wind for such a cloudy day. There were even mirror-like reflections on the silvery surface unlike the usual ocean chop. At the town pier, the usual dock bustle of the warmer months was gone. Most of the moorings were emptyand onlya few fishing boats remained.Things don't always flow while painting, especially... read more »

November Dunes and Beach Houses

Beachhouses Dunes and Fencing - Stage OneI returned to Burkes Beach in Green Harbor on a mild November day and this time instead of facing the ocean, I faced north. The scene included dunes to my left, snow fencing, the jetty, and beach houses on the far side of the Green Harbor River. This painting developed fast because I decided to use mostly palette knife applying lots of thick, juicy paint. I used a small straight edge brush to paint the beach houses. Even though the goal was to be loose, my psych... read more »

Is It Revival? The River Of God

I was wandering through the snow near a river. I would see signs that deer or other animals had been along side the river. Sometimes it was but an occasional print or other sign of wild life. Other times there were be the signs of lots of activity. But as I continued along the river, [] read more »

South River View - Studio

South River Color StudyIt was time to work on the large canvas version of the South River View. Inthe previous blog post, I described the color study done "en plein air" for my color reference. The large canvas was 24 x 36 incheswhich Iunderpainted with a warm cadmium red light, raw sienna anda skyundertoneof Naples Yellow. Iknew thatusing these warm tonesas a basewould help give the painting a warmgolden glow. South River Underpainting - Stage OneThe 9x12 color studycame in handy backin the studi... read more »

Some River Pics | Aug 2014

Haaaaaappy Friiiiiiday! It really seems like yesterday should have been Friday to me. Its been a long week! Since I havent posted all week, I figured I better get my butt in gear and produce at least a little something. Last weekend, Riker and I went to the river with my parents. Both of us [] The post Some River Pics | Aug 2014 appeared first on kristenione. read more »

Who Has Seen The Rain?

Who has seen the rain? I had just finished a motorcycle ride with my wife and we had come in to eat dinner. While dinner was finishing up, I heard those words. Great, a John Fogerty song. Creedence Clearwater Revival. I am pretty sure when I was a kid I was not even sure what [] read more »

Fishing from the Jetty

The jetties that trim the mouth of the Green Harbor River are both picturesque and functional. They are meant topreserve boat access from the inner harbor to the ocean by keeping sand and siltfrom clogging the mouth of the river. Thehugeboulders are fitted togetherto form a wave barrierduringharsh ocean stormsthat hit the area each year. Although the jetties are initially set inplace on a level, straight configuration, powerful storms gradually shift even the largest boulders intonature's configuration, ... read more »

Sailing Lessons

Summer at the marina means watching people havefun on the water. These middle schoolers were returning from an early morning sailing lesson when I arrived at Jones River Landing. I snapped a few pictures of the kids furling the sails and tying up. I was glad I did because within 20 minutes they had left and all was quiet. I roughed in the compositionworking Sailing Lessonfrom top to bottom on the canvas.I matched the colors of the far shore trees which were all in shadow. Immediately in front of the ... read more »

4th of July Weekend Recap

Hello there! Hows the day treating you? I hope you had a fabulous long weekend and are easing back into the swing of things easily. I am not as vacation exhausted as I thought I would would be although it could still hit me later. My son on the other hand, is still catching up [] The post 4th of July Weekend Recap appeared first on kristenione. read more »

Route 3 from Jones Riverbank

Jones River Overpass Stage OneRoute 3 is the primaryNorth/Southhighway that connects Boston and Cape Cod. When it passes through Kingston, it is actually quite close to the ocean at the outlet of Jones River. I set up to paint adjacent to the Jones River at a point where the river was flowing toward me,passing under a railroad bridge and winding around a marshy wetland. The down river view (and the viewIeventually painted), passed under a tall Route 3 highway overpass. Although the spot looked picturesqu... read more »

West Harwich Riverview

Artist Eli Cedrone at Herring RiverIf you aren't familiar with painter Eli Cedrone, youhaven't seen the beautiful work ofone of the most talented artists in our area. Her work is in local galleries, andacross the country.I was fortunate to have attended a "pop-up" workshopon Cape Cod with her recently.The weather cooperated and the location Eli had picked was a gorgeous spot along theHerring River in West Harwich, Massachusetts.She beganher demonstration with small thumbnails done in pencil. She explaine... read more »


Art Joan Manel Zamora © read more »

Mill on the Housatonic River

Climbing up to the Road Painting RiversideLee, Massachusetts was the location of this paint out and it is with a small degree of pride that I present this painting. My painting partner and I both spotted thisspectacular scene as we drove along - passing it by at first. Twenty minutes later after not seeing any scenesnearly as striking, we returned. It was notrivialmatter getting set up on this painting spot becauseit was situated at a sharp curve in the busyRoute 20at an overpass over the Housatonic R... read more »

Fourth Cliff View

Ocean Outlet at Northern tip of HumarockThe northernmost tip of Humarock, Massachusettsis US Government property and is actually inhabited by US Air Force personnel.It is known as "Fourth Cliff." As you can imagine by looking at the map the view is amazing. The east wind off the open ocean on this day was strong, so I set up facing northwest. The shorelines in the background of my scene were Third Cliff and Second Cliff and the (much maligned), towering wind turbine. I wanted to include the wind turbine ... read more »

C-C-Cold,Cloudy, Frozen Riverbanks

Hawk at Nest  Riverside Stage OneOur second paint-outin Chesterfield, NHwas abit colder than the first one. It was early morning, mostly cloudy and eighteen degrees. We drove along the eastern (New Hampshire) side of the Connecticut River on a road called River Road. There were some antique houses and farms along the way, mostly away from the riverbanks. People were more sensible back when they were built. Right along the shore there were more modern houses and along one stretch we found a boat laun... read more »

Ice Fishing Shanties in Brattleboro, VT

Ice Fishing Shanties - Stage OneOn the first paint out day away, we spent entirely too much time trying to find a great spot to paint.The issue we had in beautiful Chesterfield, New Hampshire wasn't that there weren't enough scenic spots (blanketed with a gorgeous snowpack), but rather there was so much snow, that the embankments prevented convenient access, both for parking the car and walking to a spot. Instead of the coveted covered bridge scene, we found a location behind the Brattleboro, VT Retreat ... read more »


Так сложилось, что instagram стал моим частым спутником. Хочется выложить несколько инстафото и кратко описать их, в инстаграме это редко удается сделать. 1. Фото с инстаснимками. Я не удержалась и напечатала себе их на память! И не пожалела. Это прекрасное ощущение - держать крошечные квадратики в руках! 2. Дом, соседний с моей работой. Нравится его цвет при ярком солнце, не могла не сфотографировать его. 3. Мой район, немного дальше моего дома, метро Ломоносовская, но абсолютно иная архитектура. З... read more »


Я встречала разные пары, милые и брутальные, добрые и дерзкие, всякие. Но тут сочетание всего, да еще и возраст самый яркий. Снимали летом, еще в 2012. Многие из фото не самые удачные, но эмоциональные :) Так что терпите...мноооооого фотографий. Наш летний пикник. Подписывать каждое фото не стану, там все видно без слов!. read more »

A City That Refuses To Die

Virginia City, Nevada became an overnight mining boomtown as a result of the Comstock Lode silver strike in 1859. A railroad was needed between the Truckee River and Virginia City as a connection to Reno for hauling the valuable ore. For decades, Nevada’s most famous Virginia Truckee Railroad was hailed as the wealthiest short line railroad [] The post A City That Refuses To Die appeared first on Retire for the Fun of it.а read more »

Don’t Be Fooled By Discouragement

Last night was multiple dreams throughout the night. The common thread? People needing people. In each dream there was possibility, opportunity and openings. There was also the need for people to come alongside and help. People need people. Reaching out is key in so many situations. Reaching in is the key in others. Something is [] read more »

swallow falls canyon…

Next up in Maryland:  Swallow Falls Canyon in Garrett County!!  If you havent noticed by now, Jay and I like to hunt down waterfalls.  I dont care if TLC warned dont go chasing waterfalls in 1995its FUN!!!  So, whenever we travel, if theres a waterfall that can be found, we will usually try to find [] read more »

Osiers - First session on the Soar

I think it was November by the time I decided to have a go fishing the river Soar. I had a good look on google maps for the best looking stretches, and decided on 'Osiers', which is south of Loughborough, just before the river joins the canal at Pillings lock. I just wanted to try trotting a maggot along some nice swims and see if there were many fish in that part of the river. I took some castors with me as well; if the fish were feeding well I would go for a larger bonus fish with a castor and maggot... read more »

Manastirea Turnu, imagini noi 2013

Manastirea Turnu, imagini noi 2013 is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes... Manastirea Turnu, imagini noi 2013 is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes...      Cu toate ca este o Manastire situata intr-o locatie mai retrasa, am fost surprins de numarul relativ mare de oameni care vizitau acest locas sfant. La Cozia, care se afla la doar cativa kilometri departare era iarasi plin [...] Related posts: Manastirea Turnu Manastirea Turnu is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes...... Manastirea Caraiman... read more »

Walk, walk.

За час мого перебування в Києві ми з сестрою де тільки не гуляли. Сьогодні я покажу вам нашу чергову прогулянку по Андріївському узвозі, відпочинок на березі Дніпра і фонтан, який мені дуже сподобався :) translate За время моего пребывания в Киеве мы с сестрой где только не гуляли. Сегодня я покажу вам нашу очередную прогулку по Андреевскому спуску, отдых на берегу Днепра и фонтан, который мне очень понравился :)? read more »

For the Love of Nature

From the terrace of my apartment. These bright rays of the sun bathing the river below. Every time I woke up during my day off from work. I love the sound of chirping house sparrows when I would open my window and door leading to the terrace. I just could not have a chance snapping photos of them. They normally appeared when the sun is to start rising. I admire the sun as it little by little takes charge of the horizon indicating a bright new day! A new beginning! The bright rays striking the river cl... read more »

Las fuentes ocultas y la construcción noticiosa

Hay periodistas a los que uno respetó, otros a los cuales respeta y otros a los que respetará siempre. En esta última categoría entra Susana Viau, una colega a la que es un gusto escuchar y con quien ha sido un honor compartir algún trabajo. Por eso es más doloroso ver y leer algunas de sus notas de los últimos tiempos. En la edición de Clarín de ayer domingo, en una nota de opinión en la cual no deja flanco del Gobierno para criticar -hasta el velatorio de Néstor Kirchner- cierra con dos párrafos en lo... read more »

Back In Time

Sowould you believe Ive been time traveling? No, I figured as much, but thought maybe thatd give me a pass for all the time thats passed since last I properly blogged here at the Midnight Garden.    Well, sure, the dead give-away that I wasnt time traveling is that I didnt just go back in time [...] read more »

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