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Agility Corroios 2017

Sábado 22 abril 2017 10h Domingo 23 abril 2017 9h Parque Urbano Quinta da Marialva     IN: read more »

Party Animal Dog Food Recall

The company Party Animal has issued a recall of two of their can dog food. As they have tested positive for pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. The Products Affected Are Cocolicious Beef and Turkey 12 ounce can.Lot number 0136E15204 04Best used by July 2019 Cocolicious Chicken and Beef 12 ounce can.Lot number 0134E15 237 13Best used by August 2019 Party Animal issued a statement to the public on their website explaining more in detail how they found out about the issue -Party Animal Public Statemen... read more »

Preparing Your Cat

No feline needs to be filthy, and it's dependent upon you to guarantee that your feline remains clean. Preparing is vital, as it helps your feline stay spotless and sound. Preparing begins with brushing, as brushing shields the felines hair from getting to be hairballs. Brushing will evacuate free hair, and help keep the danger of hairballs. A ton of felines experience difficulty dislodging hairballs. In the event that the feline can't get a hairball out, it could bring about a blockage of the insides. B... read more »

Blue Buffalo Is Voluntarily Recalling 17 Variet...

There are quality issues with the foil seals on top of the cups. Which has Blue Buffalo issuing a voluntary recall of seventeen different varieties of Blue Divine Delights and Blue Wilderness Trail Trays. The following products have been recalled - BLUE Divine Delights Filet Mignon Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312035 BLUE Divine Delights New York Strip Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312037 BLUE Divine Delights Prime Rib Flavor in Gravy 3.5 oz cup -84024312039 BLUE Divine Delights Rotis... read more »

Important Dog Food Recall - Evanger's Hunk Of B...

Have you heard there has been another dog food recall? Oh! This time it is Evanger's Big Hunk Dog Food. That can be bought in cans. Evanger's is recalling three different types of it's canned pet food. One comes in a 12 ounce can under the #776155, asecond one is Evanger's flavor braised beef under the #776150, the third and last flavor is the Against The Grain Pulled Beef under the number #776107. The sad part is thesehave been made between December 2015 and last month January 2017. That is a long t... read more »

Photo Session With Rascal For Wordless Wednesday

Oh picture time!! Time to pose!! I am looking at the camera mom! Standing tall - Is this better? Nope, I am not going to look Rascal was born almost completely white. he had a little bit of brown on his. Now he has brown spots, where it was white. Have you seen spotted Chihuahua before? Photobomb - Mom I want my picture taken too. Photos ©SandyKs aka rusty2rusty read more »

6 Signs that Your Family is Ready for a Pet

Youre having a day out at the local park with your family when a cute poodle and her owner walk... The post 6 Signs that Your Family is Ready for a Pet appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Some Factors Determining the Lifespan of Your Dog

Its true when they say a dog is a mans best friend, however, this can also be said when referring... The post Some Factors Determining the Lifespan of Your Dog appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

10 Things You Can Do For Your Dog During His La...

There are few things worse than losing your best friend. Many people consider their dogs to be their best friends... The post 10 Things You Can Do For Your Dog During His Last Days appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Addiction Dog Food Recall

Addiction Foods out of Seattle has issued a voluntary dog food recall, on it's canned New Zealand Brushtail New Zealand Venison and Apple dog foods. You can find if yours is in the recall by looking at the UPC codes on the label. Both have expired dates of December 2018. The following UPC codes are effected : 8 885004 070028, 8 885004 070462 New Zealand Brushtail WHY THE RECALL? The company found high traces of vitamin A and calcium ratio. Which does not meet the quality of standard. No complain... read more »

8 Things To Think About When Buying A Dog Bed

Since both my dogs are crate trained. Plus, the crates sit there not being used. I have put the crates up to make clear up the spaces. The dog beds were removed from the crates. I gave my bigger dog, Moose bed to a friend who needed onefor her dog. I bought a new bed for Moose to sleep in. One that was bigger where he could lay stretched out. When I first got the new dog bed, I placed it in the livingroom where Moose lays the most on the floor. I know winter is coming, he will not be happy on the floor.... read more »

Hands Free Dog Leash By the Purr-fect Paw

Having dogs I am always looking for something that can help make my life easier. I already have different leases that I can walk my dogs with. I have some I can buckle my dogs in a car to go for a ride. What I needed was something hands free that I could walk my dogs with. I did some research when I came across an ordered the hands free leash by Purr-fect paws. I ordered this leash for one reason, but helps in two different ways. 1. I wanted a leash that was hands free for when I walked one of my dog... read more »

Rascal And Moose Visit The Independence Dam

Yesterday, I had another chance to work with Rascal to get him closer to a large body of water. A couple days ago I wrote about Rascal having aquaphobia. It means he is afraid of water. I have decided to slowly work with him to overcome his fear. Or at least work with him to the point he doesn't freak out walking next to it. The first thing I did was drive to the local Petco. As Rascal and Moose needed to be fit for a new harness. Rascal was shaking in the store. However, he did great working with the ... read more »

Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twist...

I bought the "Flea and Tick Control With 3 Tick Remover Twister Tool and Flea Comb For Dogs" through Amazon to try out on my dogs. Mainly for my long haired chihuahua/ wired terrier mix. The first thing I did was give my dog a bath. I shampooed him for fleas. That way it would be easier combating the fleas. Any dog owner who has treated their dogs for fleas, knows giving a bath does kill them all, nor get rid of them all. With the way my dogs hair is. I had to brush him out with a different comb that... read more »

9 Reasons Your Dog Should Be On A leash

I have had dogs almost my entire life. From the time I was born til now. I currently have two dogs. I enjoy walking with my dogs as much as any dog owner. Even I am aware they have limits when walking off a leash. Sure it is nice to watch them walk beside me with no leash. I make sure when that does happens. I am in a pet friendly area to make it happen. Like my fenced in back yard, or the dog run located by the town reservoir. As I believe it is my responsibility to keep them safe. You Should Keep You... read more »

Cat Food Recalled By Radagast

This product has been sold in Canada and the United States. It is important for consumers to stop feeding and throw away the following cat food to their cats : Frozen Rad cat raw diet products in 1, 8, 16, and 24 ounces. Lots codes with the following numbers : 62384, 62416, 62372, and 62361. Lot codes can be found under the sell by date. The grass fed flavored chicken, beef, and chicken are affected. The company is doing a voluntary recall due to possible contamination of Listeria monocytogenes and ... read more »

Lucky Dog Grain Free Roast Duck Treats

I was lucky enough to be selected to review a treat for my dogs that is grain free roast duck recipe with carrots and oranges. Made by Lucky Dog. It came in 12 ounces.On the back of the box it claims the recipes only contain quality ingredients. Such as flax seed to promote healthy skin etc. With the six other flavors listed below. Which is great except this particular recipe does not have flax seed in the ingredients. It would led the consumer to believe this products has it in it. Unless they actually ... read more »

Playing With New Pet Toys

I picked up a few toys for the dogs and cat. I figure since I tend to spoil the dogs by always picking up a new toy or treat from the stores. It is time I start doing the same with the cat. I picked up a few tennis balls that were made for dogs for Rascal and Moose. I tossed out one at a time and off the dogs went after them. Rascal decided to hide the balls he grabbed in the blanket on the couch. that didn't last long before he moved them somewhere else. As the cat was trying to get them. Kit Kat di... read more »


Presente in più di 50 paesi, e partner privilegiata di numerose aziende attive nel settore degli animali, Zolux è lieta di proporre i prodotti indispensabili per ciascuna famiglia di animali, oltre a prodotti innovativi che faranno la differenza presso i vostri clienti.Regolarmente premiate con riconoscimenti ufficiali, queste innovazioni attestano la volontà di portare sul mercato del settore animale nuovi impulsi, senza trascurare i prodotti essenziali prodotti necessari per il vostro settore.La storia... read more »

Devemos Tosar ou não, nossos cães de pelagem lo...

Tosar ou não tosar? Já falamos um pouco sobre as grandes dificuldades que os cães tendem a enfrentar no verão, mas a tosa é uma grande dúvida que atormenta a cabeça dos donos de cachorros com pelagem longa no verão. Neste artigo vamos tentar esclarecer essas dúvidas e vermos as principais vantagens e desvantagens referentes à tosa.O verão chegou e com ele os problemas para o seu Pet pode ter chegado junto, principalmente se seu cão é Bronco Cefalico, ou seja, focinho curto. Isso faz com que seu pet possa... read more »

Le casque bestial du jour :-)

Le blog des Smootards Lurrons - Les passionnés de la culture Moto Scooter avec un soupçon dhumour et de dérision Cet article Le casque bestial du jour :-) est apparu en premier sur Le blog des Smootards Lurrons. read more »

Blissful Puppy – #photo101

Have you ever had one of those days where you played and played all day long. Then you stop as though you just hit a brick wall and couldnt keep your eyes open? Keelaa had a day like that when she met our granddaughter for the first time. They played and then she played with Continue reading Blissful Puppy #photo101 read more »

Saving Money On Pet Treats and Toys

Bella loves her Sven Maimai with her dragon We all love our pets and we want the best for them. We spend fortunes on food, toys, treats and other things for our pets. However there is a way we can save a lot of money on toys and treats. Consider buying them out of season. We often see holiday themed dog and cat toys and treats. They are in the shape of pumpkins, candy canes, hearts, etc. After the holiday ends the toys go on clearance. They start off as low as 25% off. This is a perfect opportunity... read more »

Homemade (Skunk) Odor Remover

A lot of us have been through this, dog goes out playing and comes home with the distinct smell of skunk. Although we have all heard of using tomato juice, it stains and is a pain to clean up. There is a nice, cheap, homemade alternative. Nice thing is, this alternative also makes a great odor remover. My dogs ran after a skunk one night and you can guess the rest of the story. Just mix 1qt (4 cups) of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of baking soda and a drop of dish washing soap in a spray bottle. Spray an... read more »

Friskies presenta " A qualcuno piace morbido"

FRISKIES PRESENTA ‘A QUALCUNO PIACE MORBIDO’: PER NUTRIRE IL PROPRIO CANE CON MORBIDI BOCCONI E VINCERE FANTASTICI PREMI Fino al 31 dicembre con FRISKIES Nutri Soft e FRISKIES Mini Menu Nutri soft, gli amici a 4 zampe provano gli appetitosi bocconi morbidi di Friskies, e i proprietari tentano la fortuna per aggiudicarsi un tablet Samsung Galaxy TAB 4FRISKIES, il brand premium di Purina con la gamma più completa di alimenti e accessori per soddisfare le esigenze di nutrizione, cura, igiene e gioco di tut... read more »

Per i cani più golosi arriva Purina Delibakie, ...

PER I CANI PIU’ GOLOSI ARRIVA PURINA DELIBAKIE, NUTRIENTI SNACKCOTTI AL FORNO ALLA PERFEZIONE PER FARE LA FELICITA’ DEL TUO AMICO A 4 ZAMPE Purina presenta Delibakie, una nuova gamma di croccanti e golosi snack, per rendere felice il proprio pet con tutta la bontà di delizie da forno davvero irresistibili Per conquistare il palato degli amici a quattro zampe con una golosa e nutriente ricompensa in ogni momento della giornata, Purina presenta Delibakie: i nuovi e golosi snack cotti al forno alla perfezio... read more »

In arrivo i nuovi "attacca e stacca" Felix: esi...

FELIX PRESENTA LA NUOVA COLLEZIONE DI ATTACCA-STACCATUTTI DA COLLEZIONARE: DIMMI DI CHE UMORE SEI E TI DIRÒ CHE FELIX VUOI!Felix torna con una nuova raccolta a lui dedicata: 5 divertenti attacca-stacca con cui rendere giocosa la casa o l’ufficio! Il divertimento è appena iniziato...preparati a viverlo con il gatto più Felix - brand premium di PURINA® torna con una nuova special collection ideata per portare un po’ di divertimento nelle giornate dei suoi numerosi fan. In casa come in ufficio, il birbante ... read more »

Continua il food raising per i pet in cerca di ...

ARRIVA IL FOOD RAISING PER I PET IN CERCA DI FAMIGLIA: RACCOLTIPIÙ DI 600.000 PASTI, MA L’OBIETTIVO È ARRIVARE A 1 MILIONEContinua fino a fine ottobre la campagna lanciata da Enpa e Friskies con l’obiettivo di donare 1 milione di pasti agli amici a quattro zampe in attesa di famiglia. Un innovativo progetto di food raising con cui sfamare centinaia dimigliaia di pet in tutta Italia e che ha già raccolto più di 600 mila pasti Ancora pochi giorni per sostenere la campagna di food raising nata dalla collabo... read more »

Dicas na quantidade da ração dos Cães

Cuidado para não exagerar na quantidade e nem deixar o seu cão com fome. Para as pessoas que estão tendo as suas primeiras experiências com um cachorro de estimação, existem vários desafios que precisam ser superados. E um deles está diretamente relacionado a comida, ou melhor dizendo, a quantidade de comida que pode ser oferecida para o pet.Quantidade de ração: Confira algumas dicasÉ comum que a grande maioria das pessoas, em um primeiro momento, acabem achando que estão dando pouca comida para os seus... read more »

Friskies e Disney lanciano un'esclusiva linea d...

SAI COME GIOCA IL TUO BAMBINO CON IL VOSTRO AMICO A 4 ZAMPE? CON DISNEY E FRISKIES SCOPRIRLO SARA’ UN GIOCO DA RAGAZZI! Disney firma la nuova linea di giochi Friskies e invita tutte le famiglie con bambini a scoprire insieme nuovi modi di giocare con il proprio cane per divertirsi insieme e imparare a impostare con loro una relazione consapevole.Friskies, il brand premium di Purina con la gamma più completa di alimenti e accessori per soddisfare le esigenze di nutrizione, cura, igiene e gioco di tutti... read more »

Treating Your Pet With Pet Products

In the past, more than one product was often needed if you wanted to kill both the adult and developing fleas but today, many of the newer flea and tick products that kill adult fleas and ticks also prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing, so only one product is needed. However, there are some [] read more »

French Bulldog White European Vertical Bead Pol...

New design -- European beads on the vertical. These are great for necklaces and dog leads. If you are interested in the dog bead alone, please contact me for information on how to order. One hand-sculpted white French Bulldog European bead on the vertical. The Frenchie is white with lavender and mustard yellow daisies one on the top of the head near the ear and one at the neck at the opposite side. The back of the bead is done in a shimmery golden color and lavendar trim. The bead is stamped on the back ... read more »

Top 8 Pet Care Tips

Guest Post by Dr.Ryan Harrison (Photo Source: pets are more than furry, four-legged creatures that share your home. They’re your friends, and they’re part of the family. Providing the proper care for your pet is essential to its overall well-being. With quality pet care, you can optimise your pet’s health and reduce expenses for veterinary care. You’ll also extend your pet’s life. Follow these eight pet care tips to ke... read more »

Gatos e cães não são inimigos naturais; convivê...

Especialistas esclarecem que a socialização e o perfil cultural em torno das duas espécies é que transmitem aos pets a inimizadeA rivalidade é antiga e se tornou sinônimo de relações complicadas e cheias de brigas. Mas de onde surgiu a ideia de que as espécies não podem conviver? Será que é verdade que não existe amizade entre cães e gatos? É importante a busca pelo conhecimento do mundo pet para desmistificar certas histórias que podem atrapalhar uma convivência mais prazerosa para toda a família.O espe... read more »


Packaging has been variously defined in both technical and marketing literature. One of the most quoted definition is ‘Packaging is the art, science and technology of preparing goods for transport and sale'. This definition brings out two salient aspects of packaging. These are: a)   It has to help in the physical transportation and sale of the read more »

Shop My Favorite Pet Shop ... For Your Pet Supp...

Trick or Treat. 30% OFF for Hot Halloween Costumes with code HALLOWEEN30 at Shop now! ********** Up to 80% for About-to-Expire pet treats & shampoo at Shop Now! ********** Save 25% Site Wide for Pet Products! Exclusive Offer! Coupon Code:AFF25. Buy now! ********** $1 SALE! Save Big at My Favorite Pet Shop. Shop now1 ********** Lowest Price + Best Quality = 100% for Buying Pet Products! Satisfaction Guarantee! Shop Now! read more »

Cat Cafes Are Now a Thing in Europe

Cat cafes, cafes that are home to several cats that customers pay extra to hang out with, have been popular in Japan since the mid-oughties. In urban Japan a land of small apartments, long working hours, and strict landlords that do not allow pets having a cat of your own is not always [] read more »

Buboy, Our Cute Little Kitten!

Our mother cat Choleng gave birth three months ago to three white cute kittens. Then early this month, she gave birth again to five new with variety of complexion. Sad to say that in the five new kittens, two already died. :( The first three kittens (panganay) were named as Buboy, Nonoy, and Ning. Yes, two boys and one girl. They were so makulit and playful! I love to take photos of them and post in Instagram! Above are three of the cute photos of Buboy, my favorite of the three kittens! Buboy is so a... read more »

DIY Mini Herb Garden - 2 weeks on...

Remember my previous blog post on setting up DIY Mini Herb Garden? I have blogged about the outcome on my hamster blogand thought I should repost the content here. Sage, Wheat Grass Lemon Balm The seeds started to sprout within a few days and I have transplanted them to organic soil. The growing rate of wheat grass is super fast. Average growing height is around 1 cm per day. It has been 2 weeks since I first started and the hamsters are enjoying the end products. Usually I will trim around 2 cm p... read more »

Meet Snowflakes

This is Snowflake,My son, Patricks bunny pet. We bought it for $8/pair. She is very playful now though during  the first few hours,they are a little aloof but then,it doesnt took them long to get settled in their new cage. We fed them with pellet and now,Im checking for a bed for pets here and [...] read more »

Bichon Frise Never Can Say Goodbye Rememberance...

This is an adorable piece and is a tribute to our dog's who have passed away. I got the idea when my last dog passed away, I could not afford to take her ashes and she was the first dog I did not take her ashes, but when money is tight there's not much you can do. So I thought why not make my own remembrance of her and so I did. While I was at the doctor's office and we had to put her to sleep, through my tears I asked if I could cut a piece of her hair off. So my glass ball has a little snip of her hair... read more »

Pet Photos: A Mother Cat Breast-Feeding Her Baby!

We just concluded a special day to our mothers - the celebration of Mother's Day. Mothers were truly great! She takes good care of her children. She will do everything for them! Not only humans are good mothers, even our lovable pets were great mothers too! Last week, our female cat Choleng gave birth to three cute little kittens. And we love to see how she took good care of them! Of course, I also love taking photos of them! Let me share with you my initial photos of our cute mother cat breast-f... read more »


(SOURCE: I see poodles, I think of girly and feminine stuff. Maybe it’s because of their curly fur and the way groomers do their look. And so, I always assumed that Poodles are like dolls, fancy, proper and nice to play with. But then I saw a huge poodle that doesn’t really look as friendly unless they are sporting their usual groomer’s cut. So I dug a little bit to find out how this breed really is, are they really as prim and proper as they l... read more »

Dogs In Our Lives

Dogs are a man's best friend or so the saying goes. Having had canine companions for the past 20 years, I guess I can honestly say that the saying is true. We had our very first canine baby when we were living in the Philippines around 1986. There was an incident where robbers tried to break into our house and attacked my mother. Fortunately she managed to protect herself and hit one of the robbers in the head with a rock. Scruffy One of our neighbors, they lived behind our home, gave us a small... read more »

Maltese Show Dog European Nanjodogz Large Hole ...

One hand-sculpted Maltese European Nanjodogz Large Hole Bead. The Maltese is a beautiful show dog and she's ready for the big show and ready to get out into the ring. Her hair is all white with black bows and pink crystal centers. Varnish sealed for protection and has silver metal core insert.Size is approximate:3/4" top to bottom1/2" nose to back of beadThe last photo shows the bead sitting on a dime for size reference.The bead is sculpted from polymer clay and varnish sealed.The hole is 5mm wide.This b... read more »

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