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Recent blog posts on Nutrition

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Eating healthily and trying MYHK

Ive been working hard to eat healthily this year. Im fortunate enough to be supported by The Athletes Palate, but its still hard for me. I expected to have an increased appetite whilst marathon training (especially as a breastfeeding mum), but Id forgotten that that hunger sometimes lingers after the race. Ive also been struggling [] read more »

The Body Is The Temple

Plant-based is absolutely the best way to go and I go that way naturally and that diet is also compatible with my blood-type as our blood-types have a lot to do with our distinct personalities ( In the early nineties a little over twenty years ago there was a health food store that I use [] read more »

7 Key Trends That Will Drive Your Business Succ...

It is never easy to make a prediction about the next big thing. Until it’s here. But, you can make adjustments with the time in order to be relevant when [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

Soul Food

This past Friday, Sunday and Monday which was yesterday I enjoyed a nice and wonderful day at work doing my occupational activities and so far everything was professional as it should be and that is the way that I like it; to go to work enjoying what I do with no bullshit just doing good [] read more »

The Athlete’s Palate

Id been hoping to share this post with you a while ago, but Ive had more than my fair share of setbacks. Firstly, I had a cold, then Baby M hit the dreaded 4 month sleep regression early (cue waking every 45 minutes at night!!!) and the finally, my beloved MacBook Pros hard drive failed. [] read more »

Why You Should Drink Ginger Tea

I have a cup of ginger tea every morning and and I try to have another cup before going to bed. Drinking  Ginger Tea When I am drinking ginger tea, I use the ginger The post Why You Should Drink Ginger Tea appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

Living a Healthy Life Adds Joy to Living

In this fast-paced world that we live in it can be easy to neglect our health and wellness. We’re so busy racing through our day to day lives – family, friends, work, social engagements – that we don’t take the time to look after ourselves. It’s really no wonder that so many of us are [] The post Living a Healthy Life Adds Joy to Living appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Are You Ready For Low Carb?

Everyone’s been talking about low carb diets. While most people tend to associate it with South Beach or Atkins, there are quite a few books that center on the principle of cutting out the carbs: Sugar Busters, Protein Power, The Zone Diet, Carbohydrates Addict Diet. They differ on how strict they are about carbohydrate intake—what [] The post Are You Ready For Low Carb? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Are You Getting the Required Amount of Antioxid...

The focus of research on vitamins these days is how antioxidant supplements may play a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Antioxidant supplements – E, C, and beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) – have potential when it comes to health promotion. However, most data available about such health promoting properties of antioxidant [] The post Are You Getting the Required Amount of Antioxidants? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Just Say No to Eating Peer Pressure

If you are on a diet or simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle, then you probably know that peer pressure to eat foods that are not good for you is a major part of your life. If you are concerned about nutrition and the food that goes into your mouth, don’t worry—there are ways to overcome [] The post Just Say No to Eating Peer Pressure appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Using 1 Great Fruit

Have you had your lycopene today? If you ate a green salad with fresh chopped tomatoes, then you not only got a healthy dose of this powerful antioxidant, but you have also taken significant action toward lowering your blood pressure. A recent double-blind study conducted in Israel has confirmed what hearth-healthy Italians have enjoyed [] The post 5 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Using 1 Great Fruit appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Is Organic Food Worth It?

When you head to the grocery store, shopping for products like eggs, meat, fish, milk, and produce can be very tricky. Signs are posted everywhere labeling food as natural, organic, and a number of other things—but what’s the difference, really? Learning what specific names mean can help you decide if you should shell out extra [] The post Is Organic Food Worth It? appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

Apples – Easiest Way to Healthy Nutrition

Theres no easier way to add a dose of nutrition to your day than by crunching on a tasty apple. You probably first experienced its delightful flavor as a baby, when applesauce introduced you to real food. And now, whether its a Granny Smith, a McIntosh, or a Red Delicious, you think of apples as [] The post Apples – Easiest Way to Healthy Nutrition appeared first on Well Fit News Spot. read more »

So Natural

How I Stopped Constipation/The Essential Benefits Of Turmeric by misslatoya Ayushi said 4 days ago I agree with the turmeric remedy to get rid of constipation. I had started getting constipated and had such a food regime to keep it under control. It would be fine for ten days and then return on the 11th [] read more »

Fast Fuel – eating for success… and a giveaway

Even if youve not been following my blog for long, youll know that nutrition is important to me. Ive successfully managed to lose weight by eating a healthy balanced diet and have only put on 7-8lbs by Week 39 of pregnancy by eating well, so Im always interested in learning more about nutrition. As we [] read more »

Choosing a bike, parkrunning and some exciting ...

Following the theft of our bikes in August, weve been busy improving our homes security (along with 1001 other home improvements). Weve had a burglar alarm installed, locks changed, additional locks installed, secure lock points fitted and various other improvements, so were moving in the direction of being able to get new bikes, which means [] read more »

Catching up

The last few weeks have been hard work, which is why I havent been blogging regularly. Its taken me a while to shake off the despondency of having my bikes stolen. Fortunately, I have my work bike back, so I can cycle to work. Weve improved the security on our garage and are seeing a [] read more »

Fresh, Pure And Wholesome

I take good bites out of life; the chunks that I know are going to be the most nutritious and beneficial for me. I eat and live very health-wise. Aside from feeding our bodies we also have to feed our brains and without a healthy constitution our minds will lack the virility that it needs [] read more »

My Lifestyle Delights!

I am free today and I have the entire weekend off and I am thrilled that I am in the mood to write today and my mind is on my taste buds and how I have been able to grocery shop and continue to find my favorite foods that go in accordance to my vegetarian [] read more »

Friday Five – 5 simple post-workout snacks

If Ive done a workout, but its a while before my next meal, I often have a snack, just to take the edge off my hunger. I quite like to have a protein shake, or some yoghurt with protein powder, but sometimes, I fancy something different: apple and peanut butter porridge with ground almonds and [] read more »

Weightloss and running

In the last week, Ive seen loads of adverts on Facebook about losing weight through running. Whilst I believe that starting to run can help to kickstart weight loss for many people, its not usually a long-term solution for weight loss if it were then Id be wasting away by now! However, that doesnt mean [] read more »


It has indeed been a while since Ive consumed any straight up dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter although there may have once in a while been a product that Ive eaten that may have included a small ingredient or two that I had carefully examined and that didnt hurt to indulge within. [] read more »

On The Go

Regardless of how hectic the chores of life may bring or become we must always find the time to take care of our selves in the ways that are fit within harmony to our own specific conditions. When one constantly works the extra long overtime hours that I usually do it is very important to [] read more »

Train like a champ

In December, the lovely people at Gym Vit sent me Cherry Champ natural superfruit supplement. The product contains Montmorency cherry and beetroot, so I was excited to try it. The benefits of tart cherry juice for athletes There have been a number of studies that have demonstrated the benefits of Montmorency cherry juice for endurance [] read more »

Pure Rinse

Freshly peeled firm bananas are so tasty and produce a high volume of nutritious potassium. On some days I can eat an entire bunch of them as they come five in a bag, Dole is my favorite brand. Id love a pure and natural cool banana drink the only negative thing about that idea is [] read more »


I promote and am extremely fond of particular fruits and vegetables, and not only do many of them taste real good they are so very nutritious for us to regularly consume. They are all excellent for the digestive tract/system and aide in natural healing, cleansing and proper bowel elimination. My grandmother use to plant and [] read more »


I absolutely love water as it helps to purify us along with soap as well as nourish and sooth the body from the inside and out. I prefer to take showers; however, a bath or a firm and heavy sprinkling are both very therapeutic and rejuvenating to the overall well-being and to the senses. I [] read more »

Friday Five – 5 foods to avoid for a healthier ...

Its the start of the year and if you made any New Years Resolutions, its likely that one of them related to weight-loss. I couldnt find any UK statistics, but data from University of Scranton, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that lose weight was the #1 new years resolution. For many people, [] read more »

A Hearty Generation Of Quality

Through out my familys generations and while I was growing up we were all well-bred and fell fed. We werent filthy rich people but we always had and seldom went without. I have family members that had and that still have their own businesses. My mothers grandparents on her mothers side of the family made [] read more »

Nuts about protein

Just before Christmas I was given the chance to try Purition. I decided that it wouldnt be fair to try it at a time when my meals were a little chaotic, so I started trying it this week my first week back at work. Im back on track and planned out all of my [] read more »

Well-being Well-served

Not only does eating our best-loved meals bring to us satisfaction and contentment but the delight in preparing a favorite dish also creates a gratification. My best-loved foods consist of starch and bread is one of them aside from rice and potatoes. Ive made my own cornbread and biscuits before and it is fascinating and [] read more »


We all need the proper fuel to aide within us the energy to perform our usual activities. A lot of the ordinary things within lifestyle are cut down to a routine that fits into compliance to add further structure and, of course, we do need direct organization in regard to the many aspects that pertain [] read more »


When one takes care of them self they feel better within them self and one of they best ways to maintain that sense of wellness is to continue to eat good and healthy. I stay away from foods that make the body feel run down and tired. What we eat can literally take a toll [] read more »

Back to work and back to training

So who was keen to go back to work today? My lounge feels so big now that the Christmas decorations have gone, but the horrendous weather here means that I wasnt looking forward to getting on my bike this morning. I spent yesterday afternoon out on my slippery flat roof with a broom and a [] read more »

My “Appetite” For The New Year!

Id like to kick in the New Year by doing one of the things that I like to do best and that is eating. Chilling again this New Years Eve as I did the last in the comforts of home in the cozy dim light of my bedroom snugged in bed with my favorites of [] read more »

What’s your favourite post training meal?

After long/important races I generally dont feel like eating much, although after Ive showered and had a nap Im usually tempted by treat food, such as a pizza or ice-cream. However, I try not to indulge in those items when Im training. After training, I try to ensure that I get enough protein, which isnt [] read more »

Fuelled by nature

I was recently given the opportunity to try: which is described as real food nutrition for exercise, recovery, health and weight loss. The suggested times to drink this meal in a glass are: Breakfast its fast and filling Lunch as a natural alternative to meal replacement products Pre exercise fuel your workout [] read more »

Revisiting my goals for 2015

At the end of December 2014, I set out my goals for 2015, so I thought it was time for me to revisit them. Goal 1: I am going to eat healthy food for 20/21 meals and assess my progress at the end of 100 days (14th April). I hope that I will lose 14lbs [] read more »


My favorite flavor is vanilla and french vanilla. My mothers favorite was always chocolate. I use to love and enjoy chocolate as a child but after a while it would make me sick with terrible stomach pain so the doctor advised me to stay away from it along with coca cola. Certain chocolate desserts are [] read more »


Ive never had a problem with soy, when I fry my foods I cook them in soybean oil, sunflower, or canola. Years ago back in 1991 or 1992 I had first come across silk soy milk for the very first time at my local supermarket. Since I was a vegan at the time back then [] read more »

Your six step party season pre-tox plan

December is creeping ever closer, which means party season is nearly upon us. Cue late nights, boozy shenanigans and that seasonal ‘fitness amnesia’ that seems to strike without fail year on year. But not this time; this time, Im here to help you fight the cause of festive fatigue, rather than treating the symptoms after [] read more »

Recipe: Chococonut Shake

While you would expect the cravings for ice cream and milkshakes to be greatest in the peak of summer, when its crazy hot, thats not always the case!  I used to work at an ice cream shop and on the really scorching days, we saw just as little business as on the cold, rainy days. When its too hot, something super sweet and rich isnt that appealing! Its those warm, but not hot, late spring or early fall days (like now) when were in the mood for a cold and creamy treat.  Yum! Still, we all want to look o... read more »

Scilly Swim Challenge – the big day!

We’d got everything ready the night before, so just needed to get dressed and eat breakfast. I opted for porridge with protein powder (as usual), and a bottle of Osmo preload (kindly provided by ProBikeKit). The night before, Roelie and I had drunk a bottle each of Osmo preload hydration in pineapple margarita flavour. I [] read more »

Banana Bready-cake

Last week I was chatting to Sam (my nutrition coach from Solent Strength + Nutrition) and he suggested that I could try making some banana bread using protein powder. This would be ideal for my long swim next weekend. I dont often bake, but I thought I would give it a try. Heres my recipe. [] read more »

The Farmer's Market, Delivered: Eating Local wi...

Ive long been a fan of Peapod for grocery delivery when life gets crazy. The service allows you to order all of your normal groceries at normal grocery store prices and have them delivered straight to your front door, so that a busy schedule doesnt mean you have to turn to fast food and eating out every night! Peapod has recently debuted something incredible - the Peapod Local Farm Box! While Peapod brought the grocery store to you (and still does), the Peapod Local Farm Box brings the farmers market ho... read more »

Today's Superfood Smoothie: Rasberry Lemon Avocado

This smoothie is so, so good I just had to share it today! I have to admit blending new and delicious smoothies is an enjoyable new hobby of mine. Today I experimented with an avocado ingredient as I seen a youtube video where she used a whole avocado in her breakfast smoothie. here's the inspiration for my superfood smoothie for today in the above video and it's the first smoothie for my Rasberry Lemon Avocado Smoothie here's what you will needfrozen 1/4 avocado (pre-frozen and chopped)a handf... read more »

Latest Finds: A Purely Elizabeth Granola Review!

Granola is my favorite sweet cereal, hands down.   Despite its healthy reputation, however, some commercial granolas can be unhealthier than even the worst of your childhood sugar cereal favorites!  Granola is very dense and can pack a lot of sugar and fat into a very small portion (who eats a measly quarter cup?) and Ive seen boxes of granola where the ingredients list was longer than a Faulkner sentence and featured more chemicals than an orgo exam. No thanks! Luckily, not all granolas are candy in ... read more »

Recipe: Baklava Salmon

Need something healthy and delicious to serve your guests (or just yourself) for dinner? Salmon is full of heart-healthy fats and muscle-building, energy-level sustaining protein!  There are many great ways to serve salmon, from grilled to baked to smoked and so on, but heres a new, fresh way to enjoy it! Baklava salmon takes less than 30 minutes to make and is mostly savory, but slightly sweet, making it a fun switch-up from your usual ways of serving salmon. I served it with oven-roasted Greek potato... read more »

The Secret of the Traveling Peanut Butter

Its hardly a secret anymore. Peanut butter is great and so is powdered peanut butter. I like to keep both in my kitchen! Here are some of the benefits of powdered peanut butter (the first particularly applies in the summer or anytime a peanut butter lover travels to a place with an uncertain peanut butter supply, like Germany): * TSA-friendly for your carry-on, since its not a liquid or a crea * High in plantbased protein * High in fiber * Lower in fat * Can be used to replace part of the flour in baki... read more »

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