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Recreational facilities, Hung Hom

The recreational facilities are free in Food Hall of one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Today's Flower, Hung Hom

The fresh flowers was shot in lobby of one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Music stage, Hung Hom

One of music stage is in Food Hall of one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Changed fresh flower, Hung Hom

New one that just changed fresh flower is for Lobby Lounge, in one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Hotel/Penginapan di Blora, Jawa Tengah

Hotel / Penginapan Adhi Jaya Jl. Agil Kusumodyo No. 50 52 RT. 2/3 - Telp. +62-296532013 (Jumlah Kamar : 42) (Tarif : Rp. 75.000 - 250.000) Hotel / Penginapan Air Mancur Jl. Dr Sutomo No. 9 - Telp.+62-296531271 (Jumlah Kamar: 35) (Tarif : 30.000 - 250.000) Hotel / Penginapan Al-Madhina Jl. Alun-alun Barat No.1, Kauman, Kec. Blora Kota, Kabupaten Blora, Jawa Tengah - Telp. +62-296531809 (Jumlah Kamar : 15) (Tarif: 200.000 - 350.000) Hotel / Penginapan Asli Jl. Raya Timur Lr. Bengawan Ii No. 8 - Telp. +... read more »

Corner of Lobby, Hung Hom

The corner of Lobby with harbour view was in one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

View of Peak, Hung Hom

The view of Victoria Peak was from one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

Clay products, Hung Hom

At front of one cafe is showing some clay-products as decorations, in one new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

One floral design, Hung Hom

Enjoying one floral design on lobby of new hotel located beside Victoria Harbour, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

New Hotel beside Harbour, Hung Hom

One of new hotel is located beside Victoria Harbour too, Hung Hom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »


KEMBALI KITCHEN, BEST WESTERN PREMIER ION DELEMEN, GENTING HIGHLANDS is one that is not wanting to be left behind in the Ramadhan spread as every local eatery's and hotels are coming out with their own theme and menus for patrons' to savour their taste buds and enjoy their breaking of fast with families and friends. Located on GENTING HIGHLANDS, ION DELEMEN, is a 5-Star, Serviced Apartment Hotel of it's own class and standards but still family oriented and you can have almost everything here, a home wit... read more »


SNOW WORLDRESORT WORLD BERHAD CRADLE ROCKRESORT WORLD BERHAD, formelly known as GENTING RESORT, is an establishment everyone will recognised as it's brand name itself that is known worldwide. Located on a mountain top in Pahang Darul Makmur, it's holiday destination that is a favourite among locals and international alike because of it's cool temperature plus the many Theme Parks available.Accommodation is not a problem as well as they have a few hotels located on this mountain top ranging from high en... read more »


With over 20 years' experience under his belt, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin is no newcomer to the culinary wold of fine Chinese cuisine. It has been a long journey climbing the ladder to the coveted top-chef's hat and the envied position as Executive Sous Chef of the acclaimed Dynasty Restaurant. Since becoming a chef de partie at the age of 16, Chef Kin as he is fondly called by his fellow colleagues has worked at Putra World Trade Centre and as Assistant Chinese Banquet Chef at one of the leading... read more »

Lapita Autograph hotel Dubai,


1A Express Hotel in the Heart of CDO

1A Express Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the City of Cagayan de Oro. The hotel rooms are spacious with modern style. They offer services and amenities that cater to the guests needs. Their hotel staffs are polite, friendly and help you to the things that you need. A convenience store and laundry [] The post 1A Express Hotel in the Heart of CDO appeared first on CDO Info. read more »

Pra’ Delle Torri, la meta ideale per le prossim...

Se stai cercando una vacanza attiva, riposante, divertente, stimolante, immersi nella natura e circondati dalla raffinatezza di un complesso turistico 5 stelle allora il Centro Vacanze Pra’ delle Torri di Caorle (VE) è la meta perfetta. Riapre il 12 aprile 2017, in occasione delle vacanze di Pasqua e dei Ponti di Primavera. Una nuova stagione [] L'articolo Pra Delle Torri, la meta ideale per le prossime vacanze sembra essere il primo su VLifestyle. read more »


HIDANGAN BRIYANI BUFFET LUNCH MURAH DI RESTORAN FLAVORS | Assalamualaikum semua... Salam Jumaat. Alhamdulillah, kita dah hampir sampai ke penghujung bulan Mac dan ada satu petanda baik iaitu GAJI time... haha. Untuk staff staff kerajaan pulak of course la dah gaji kan. Sempena gaji dah masuk ni, apa kata kita pergi makan besar. Tekak ni pulak rasa nak makan nasi Briyani la. Jadi memandangkan hari ni lunch break panjang, apa kata kita pi makan Nasi Briyani kat Swiss-Garden Hotel Residences KL. Hidangan... read more »

SiteMinder erweitert sein Vertriebsnetz mit TFE...

Im Rahmen des Abkommens werden die mehr als 10.000 Apartments und Hotels von TFE Hotels in ganz Australien, Neuseeland und Europa an das Vertriebsnetz von SiteMinder angeschlossen. read more »

Where to stay in Phuket: La Flora Resort and Sp...

I fell in love with Thailand on my first visit, many years ago and that love affairs grows every time I return. Its very appropriately called the Land of Smiles theres always plenty of smiling going on which is extremely... read more »

#TRENDY ~Bangunan Paling Berhantu Di Britain Di...

Keadaan di dalam bangunan Penjara Bodmin. Foto SEBUAH penjara yang merupakan salah satu bangunan paling berhantu di Britain akan diubah suai menjadi hotel.Pemilik kepada Penjara Bodmin berharap untuk melakukan pengubahsuaian di dua sayap blok sel bangunan itu.Berdasarkan rancangan, penjara tersebut akan diubah suai menjadi hotel yang dilengkapi dengan 63 bilik penginapan.Ia akan menjadi hotel paling berhantu di Britain sebaik sahaja ia beroperasi.Penjara itu yang dibina di pinggir ... read more »

Royal Continental Hotel launches its 1st hotel ...

Buzzingtales was invited to the grand opening of Royal Continental Hotel which launched its first hotel in Deira, Dubai on The post Royal Continental Hotel launches its 1st hotel in the Middle East region appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Disclosures of a 5 star hotel former employee

A former employee of a 5-star hotel recounts bizarre activities taking place behind closed doors, revealing unusual occupations of visitors surprised when dealing with room service. Working at South Lodge Hotel: Employee Reviews Waiter At South Lodge Hotel (Former Employee) – Horsham – 4 March 2015. A typical day at work would be a normal fairly quite day with around 20-40 people  A former employee of a luxury hotel told the Daily Mail backstage details, including a photo session indecent... read more »


HIDANGAN ISTIMEWA SEMPENA KRISMAS DI SWISS-GARDEN HOTEL | Assalamualaikum semua.. Bila masuk bulan Disember, semua tahu bulan ni ada satu perayaan menanti sebelum kita melangkah ke tahun baru. Perayaan itu adalah hari Krismas. Biasa kita kalau hari raya, hidangan istimewa mesti ketupat, rendang, dan pelbagai jenis biskut raya. Untuk hari Krismas pun ada hidangan istimewa tau termasuk Roasted Turkey... yummy.. Buffet Sempena Krismas Dan Tahun Baru Di Swiss-Garden Hotel Sehubungan itu, pihak Swiss Gard... read more »

SiteMinder feiert ein Jahrzehnt an weltweiter U...

Mehr als 23.000 Hotels nutzen heute die Cloud-basierten Lösungen von SiteMinder, um online erfolgreicher Gäste zu werben. read more »

Where to stay in Malton, Yorkshire: The Talbot ...

Continuing my series on Where to Stay on your travels, today were taking a mini break, heading north from London to Malton, Yorkshire. The Talbot Hotel was originally built in the early 17th century as a hunting lodge and has traded... read more »

Victor’s Residenz-Hotels kooperiert mit Cross-T...

Die Hotelgruppe wählte Cross-Tinental als strategischen Technologiepartner und wechselt zu den Cloud-basierenden Systemen WindsurferCRS (SHR) und Duetto's Revenue Strategy Solution. read more »

HotelPartner Yield Management expandiert nach G...

Die Revenue Management Experten eröffneten ein Büro in der britischen Hauptstadt. Gerade durch die aktuelle politische Situation ist für die Privathotels ein innovativer Online-Vertrieb gefragt. read more »

The flying hotel : the new concept makes possib...

One of the projects submitted in the contest Radical Innovation Award 2016 in the US, a hotel flying shaped pods, which offers a view of 360 degrees and can land in inaccessible places can offer accommodation in the price of hiring a luxury car . [...] read more »

Best disclosures hotel porter in the world

A backup job which always surprises, so the man describes his work this year named the best hotel porter in the world of hotel, in a competition organized by British Airways. Among the strangest things that had to make Michael Wigman, who currently works for a [...] read more »

SiteMinder präsentiert Echtzeit-Pricing-Lösung ...

Die international führende Cloud-Plattform für die Hotellerie hat ein neuartiges System entwickelt, welches den Hoteliers zukünftig die Unsicherheit in Bezug auf das Erstellen von Zimmerpreisen nimmt. read more »

How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you chec...

Few tourists can say that never had unpleasant surprises when they stayed at a hotel. Often the photo that advertises the hotel are modified, so the place look much nicer than it really is. Therefore, without knowing come to buy stays in hotels which are very different from what we thought. Oyster travel site Business Continue reading How to avoid unpleasant surprises when you check in to a hotel read more »

Arabian Courtyard – Iftar Buffet at Trip Adviso...

Buzzingtales celebrated Ramadan in traditional family style at Arabian Courtyard Hotel Spa! At the exclusive media preview we enjoyed The post Arabian Courtyard Iftar Buffet at Trip Advisor award winners venue appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Champions League final raised the prices of tou...

Airlines have raised ticket prices on the route Madrid-Milan by 17%, while hotels in Milan practice the addition of 1,000% for May 27-28. A package for the Champions League final starts at 944 euros. Match tickets cost between 70 and 440 euros. 2016 UEFA Champions League Final Wikipedia, the free The 2016 [] read more »

SNF – Deed And Dine – Do some good deed while y...

Dine n Deed 2016 is the Special Needs Future Development Center’s (SNF) Annual Gala Dinner. Celebrity artist Adnan Sami, a The post SNF Deed And Dine Do some good deed while you dine appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Planifică-ți odihna din timp

Obosiți de rutina cotidiană, epuizați de munca pe care o facem zi de zi, încărcați de griji și probleme familiale, stresați de crizele ce au loc în domeniile politic, social și economic, cu toții ne dorim să evadăm din acest calvar și să ne petrecem o vacanță de vis, undeva departe de toate aceste nevoi. [] read more »

Yield Management setzt sich auch in der Veranst...

Im Rahmen des HSMA Chapter Nord zum Thema ,,MICE 2.0" lud unter anderem HotelPartner Yield Management als Gastgeber Hoteliers zum gegenseitigen Austausch ein. read more »

Servitex bietet modernes Umweltmanagement

Im Bereich Qualität erhielten die Wäschereien des Servitex-Verbundes ein Zertifikat nach ISO 9001 und im Bereich Umweltmanagement wurden die Betriebe gemäß ISO 14001 zertifiziert. read more »

daftar hotel, penginapan dan guesthouse murah d...

Yogyakarta memang kota wisata dengan beragam fasilitas yang akan sangat memanjakan setiap wisatawannya. Sehingga Anda tidak perlu lagi pusing memikirkan penginapan selama sedang berada di kota wisata yang satu ini. Terdapat cukup banyak hotel dengan harga murah di Yogya yang bisa Anda jadikan pilihan. Lebih menyenangkannya lagi beberapa hotel yang ada bahkan ditawarkan dengan harga mulai dari Rp 50.000 hingga Rp 100 ribu seperti 25 hotel yang ada dibawah ini. 1. mango tree dipudjo homestay jln. sidoluh... read more »

HotelPartner stellt auf IGEHO neue Web-Booking-...

Der Schweizer Technologie- und Dienstleistungsanbieter für Yield Management präsentiert auf der internationalen Fachmesse für Hotellerie und Gastronomie IGEHO in Basel seine neusten Entwicklungen. read more »

Ritrovare la linea con la soia alla Boutique Sp...

RITROVARE LA LINEA CON LA SOIA ALLA BOUTIQUE SPA LA SERRA L'Excelsior Vittoria di Sorrento propone per l'autunno i trattamenti SO-YA per recuperare il proprio peso forma Per ritrovare l'equilibrio e depurarsi dopo gli eccessi delle vacanze estive, niente di meglio che una sessione di remise en forme alla Boutique Spa La Serra del Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria di Sorrento! L'oasi di benessere del prestigioso hotel, progettata in un'antica serra del XIX secolo e concepita secondo i principi olistici... read more »


Prestigioso brand di hotel di lusso indipendenti, Preferred Hotels Resorts rappresenta oltre 650 strutture selezionate con severi criteri di qualità e livello di servizi, scelte tra i più raffinati hotel, resort, residence e gruppi di piccoli hotel presenti in 85 paesi in tutto il mondo. In Italia il brand conta un portfolio di ben 37 strutture, situate nei posti più glamour della penisola come Amalfi, Tremezzo sul Lago di Como e la splendida Toscana. Le strutture sono suddivise in cinque collezioni di ... read more »

Mooncake Tea Party at the Patisserie, Manila Pa...

To welcome the moon with a bang, just buy a hearty mooncake perfect for your tea party this coming September 27. Revel in the delightful aroma of palatable moon cake variants available at the Patisserie. For the large mooncakes, there’s the... The post Mooncake Tea Party at the Patisserie, Manila Pavilion appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Castle Versailles could house a luxury hotel in...

Versailles Castle, one of the most visited museums in France and among the best known abroad, could accommodate a luxury hotel in one of its buildings in an attempt to increase revenue, according to Reuters. Administration of Versailles launched a discreet bidding in an attempt to end a partnership with a luxury hotel chain, which [] read more »

Medieval castle turned into the most luxurious ...

An Irish castle XIII century was declared the best luxury hotel in the world. The choice belongs to the international network Virtuoso travel agency. Ashford Castle is now a 5-star resort complex, after being renovated with the help of an investment of 67 million euros. Ashford is one of the oldest castles in Ireland and [] read more »

Hotels erzielen mit Hilfe von SiteMinder einen ...

Die international führende Cloud-Plattform der Hotelindustrie verbuchte in den letzten 12 Monaten für seine Hotelkunden einen Umsatz von mehr als 10.8 Milliarden US-Dollar. read more »

Hotels “adults only” opened on Romanian seaside

Holiday concept meant only adults can spark imagination, but does not hide than an oasis for tourists past 18 years. It has already been tested abroad, on the beaches of Turkey or exotic islands worldwide. We were brought by a young daring. Where else than in Vama Veche, the realm of absolute freedom. Although only open hotel adults [] read more »

Five great train journeys of sleeping

If youre not yet where you want to go on vacation, you want to cross several countries in leisure and do not want to travel by car or by plane, your best option may be a train ride sleeper.   Conditions for travel with trains that have sleepers luxury rivals often from the hotel, and [] read more »

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