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Recent blog posts on Gardening

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Catching up

The last few weeks have been hard work, which is why I havent been blogging regularly. Its taken me a while to shake off the despondency of having my bikes stolen. Fortunately, I have my work bike back, so I can cycle to work. Weve improved the security on our garage and are seeing a [] read more »

Townhouse Progress Report: Temporary Fence

Hello, here is another post for the progress on our townhouse. As day gets by, I am already worried with the expenses for the renovations. Really, having a house is financially draining, so every penny counts. Last week, we already scheduled the installment of the the electricity and water. There was a slight problem with the wirings, nakuha na daw ng previous contractor. Ayan tayo eh! Though they advised my partner that they will make a way to have it installed. They said that they will have it done tod... read more »

Yes I can #Thursdaytreat #Scarecrow

We stopped at a local farmers market the other day. The sweet corn will be in by the end of the week. Just-picked corn is a real treat. The weekly heavy rains hitting my area since April have given mother Continue reading read more »

Hoss Garden Seeder by Hoss Tools

Last summer our garden got some TLC from the Hoss Hoe. This year we welcomed the addition of the Hoss Garden Seeder by Hoss Toolsand hope to someday have a no-till garden. The Hoss Garden Seeder features Amish-crafted handles, a powder-coated steel frame, six planting discs, and 15 steel wheels. There is an optional [] The post Hoss Garden Seeder by Hoss Tools appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

Growing Your Own Food – The Benefits of a Produ...

Growing Your Own Food The Benefits of a Productive Garden. By Pol Anderson Bishop For many years now the Government and The post Growing Your Own Food The Benefits of a Productive Garden appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Bama, un tocco di classe anche per il gardening

Anche se non posso vantarmi di avere un gran "pollice verde", mi rilasso molto nel prendermi cura delle mie piante, nel seguire la loro crescita e benessere, nel prendere nota dei loro piccoli cambiamenti quotidiani. Il gardening pare abbia vere e proprie proprietà curative perché le piante attirano un'attenzione involontaria che mette a riposo il cervello e questo meccanismo riduce lo stress. Per gli anziani è un ottimo esercizio di coordinamento mani-occhi, di memoria e di elasticità mentale che ralle... read more »

Hoss Tools Double Wheel Hoe- Garden With Ease a...

My husband and I had been looking for a way to knock down weeds in the garden after initial tilling. We also were researching a way to possibly create narrower plant rows and utilize our garden space better. We spoke to our neighbor, an expert gardener in my opinion, about our plant issues.Hethen took [] The post Hoss Tools Double Wheel Hoe- Garden With Ease and Versatility appeared first on Central Minnesota Mom. read more »

My Hillside Garden

I havent updated you guys much here on my garden, but if you are really interested, check out my instagram, because Im keeping track of all my gardening stuff with the hashtag #myhillsidegarden. See you on instagram! read more »

Summer: A Garden Update

It's been a month and a half of turbulent weather. For a couple of days most of one of the gardens was under water. It wasn't looking good. But then suddenly everything started to pop. It looks like it's going to a second year of successful gardening. The only problem is that it's been hard to get into the garden and week properly more than once, because of the rain andthe massive amount of mosquitoes. Additionally, for some reason there are waymore weeds this year compared to last year. Their seeds must... read more »

How Did We Get Here?

Today is a beautiful day – especially for the Pacific NW! Ruthie I slept in this morning then we met up with our friend Beth her baby boys for a walk in the sunshine. We walked to Starbucks and got coffee just talked about life parenting our precious newborn babes. It was so refreshing to get out of the house, get some exercise and connect with a dear sister in Christ! We came home I put Ruthie in her favorite and wrap we got to work in the yard. We watered flowers and planted part of our veget... read more »

Spring Is Here! A Gardening Geek-Out.

Okay, so it's not....herehere...yet. But it's coming soon.Now, for the geeking out. The new seeds (dressed in white) andthe leftovers from last season to go in this yearWe got our seeds for the garden today! Gardening Season Version 2.0 is upon us. Our second solo attempt at growing food, after the beta version when we lived with mom in summer of 2012 and tended her garden and got bit by the gardening bug.Truth be told we come from a long line of gardeners, and had dabbled in the dark earthy arts of t... read more »

Thoughts of Spring

I keep thinking that spring is almost here, but it has yet to come. Still, my mind wanders to thoughts of a garden. Were going to be here for at least three years, so I think its worth it to give gardening a honest try. Here are some inspiration that Ive been pinning over on [] read more »

#31Days - Herbs & Spices

Most of the information out there on companion planting of herbs and spices is geared toward what other plants (fruits, veg) would be benefitted by the specific herbs, etc.Working list of herbs for 2014 garden: Basil, Bay leaves, Coriander, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme;Working list of spices for 2014 garden: Cinnamon, Cloves, Cumin, Curry Powder, Turmeric Basil works well with: tomatoes, peppers, oregano, asparagus; not so with rue or sage. Bay leaves, in companion planting, seem to work best as a pest repe... read more »

#31Days - Plants Need Companions Too

Having covered a lot of the tools and supplies necessary for gardening most any plant yesterday, I decided to branch out into some other considerations. One idea that I came across was particularly intriguing to me: the idea of companion plants - which are plants you can plant by or amongst your 'target plant' that will help increase yield, repel pests and generally be a good plant friend. ;)Bell Peppers - geraniums and marigolds deter pests, as do onions, garlic and chives; tomatoes, other peppers, marj... read more »

#31Days - Memory Garden Daily

There is a lot to cover today, so let's get started! :O) 5. Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,This verse gives me a lot of hope. God loves everybody. Even sinners. Even people we don't particularly like. Even us, in our 'less shining' moments. He wanted and wants everyone on Earth to return to him when their life here is over. But He doesn't control our actions. He gives us the opportunity, like any loving parent,... read more »

#31 Days - Vegetables and High School Memories

Possible Listing of Vegetables for Our 2014 Garden (many thanks to for help jogging my memory) Asparagus, avocado, artichoke Beans, beet, broccoli, brussel Sprouts Cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, corn, cucumbers Lettuce Onions Pea, potatoes, pumpkins Rhubarb Spinach, squash, sweet potato Tomato ZucchiniYeah, maybe the year after next. As I want to include fruits, herbs, animals and grains, I should probably limit myself (arbitrarily) to 10. Let's see h... read more »

#31 Days - Site of Our 2014 Garden

OK, for Wordless Wednesday I try most often to be actually wordless in the body of the post, but this month that is just NOT going to work.In the foreground of the picture is an early shot of our 2013 garden. Back when there was still hope for the tomatoes. Back when there weren't even flowers on the pepper plant at the end (from which we actually got several usable peppers - yay!). Back when you could actually see the dirt around the pumpkin plants and their little cardboard sprout cups had not yet disi... read more »

Okra from Our Box Garden

The first thing my husband and I checked when we arrived from our two weeks vacation was our box garden. We have this box that my husband built and we planted four different veggies such as Okra, lettuce, eggplant, and tomatoes. The lettuce did not survived and withered when the summer heat rise up. Husband [] read more »

Thoughts on the Back Yard

We are planning to take small steps toward a functional yard next year but our total backyard plans are years down the Continue reading read more »

“The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create t...

The New York Times said about The Drunken Botanist, "Amy Stewart has a way of making gardening seem exciting, even a little dangerous." read more »

Enjoy Outdoor Living

I remember when my mom sponsored the reunion of their batch in high school, my family and I was also invited to attend this event. It was my first time to visit Loizas Pavilion which was located at my hometown. Continue reading read more »

Caring for your Indoor Plants

We all know that indoor plants are an important part of decor in our homes and even in our office. That plastic indoor plants and shrubbery are no substitute for the real thing, right? Indoor plants indeed brightens the room Continue reading read more »

Tumble Away

Dont you just hate looking at your backyard with compost pile in it? Can you take the foul odor, the rodents and other critters living there? I know youve been thinking of getting rid of them and you need to be in pretty good shape to maintain a compost pile, bin or pit. Its quite [...] read more »

Green house update 1

Buttercrunch lettuce I must say I am quite happy with how the green house has been performing. Nothing has died, and there are even blossoms on a pepper plant. Our weather has been slightly above normal for this time of year but even with temps ranging fromthe 30"s at nightto the middle 50's in the day the green house is doing what I had hoped it would. I have had to open the small vent window only twice when it got to be close to 8o in it. At 7:30 am It was in the 30's outside I have several types ... read more »

Latest News from the Land of the Groovy Pumpkin

Hello, I've been busy lately with life and seem to have neglected my Blog. Remember last year when I had a post virtually every day of October regarding Halloween? I do, I was really excited by bringing lots of pumpkin related posts, I hope you get to take a look - just click HERE or go to the label 'Everything Pumpkin'. I've been busy with looking after Daisy, as she's getting a bit more mobile now, and this week Jay is on his half-term holiday from school. I made them both some crocheted hats to wear... read more »

Compost Pit

This is my MIL composter. Its just enough size of compost pit that she place above the ground. She always transferred the position of her compost pit every year and moved it to few inches from the last area. My MIL is a very hardworking woman and at her age she is doing amazing. She [...] read more »

Grandma’s Farm.

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell My grandmother was really big on getting out and recharging but there was something I never knew about her. I had no idea she was growing lilies at a farm upstate until she died and left the whole place to me! I didn’t know much about gardening and [...] read more »

Flowering Plants for your Home

My mom is such a lover of flowering plants. As you can see she is the one planting her flowers at her balcony. Flowers adds beauty to our home. When we have landscapes, it adds definition and it draws our eyes on it. Growing flowering plants is usually as easy as planting a seed or [...] read more »

Garden Planning

I seem to always have something in the works. From our school planning to family vacations there is always a plan being hatched. The current plan I’m mulling over in my mind is our garden. This is the space we have for it: I know…that’s a lot of space *somewhere around 1300sqft*. Since its grass-less I’ll be relying heavily on container gardening, as well as decorative plants in the flowerbeds on the first floor of our property. While these pre-existing beds *which I will showcase later* would be great ... read more »

Rhubarb, It’s Back, It’s Free and It’s Delicious!

The first dish of the year was First Rhubarb Crisp. I wanted to use it for breakfast so I put in plenty of good stuff. read more »

Providing Food For Your Family

Photo Source: Library Of CongressSaving money is a big thing on everyone's minds lately. Though I guess it has always been on everyone's minds. It just seems to be on my mind more than usual lately. Everything has gone up so much that I want to scream, "That is enough! The Social Security administration said that the cost of living has not gone up in two years now. So must be it hasn't if they said so." Right??????????? Photo Source: Library Of CongressI know I talk about this all the time but it is i... read more »

Go Green, Get Fit and Make Perfect Relish

Of course gardening leads to things..... like boat-sized zuccini and baskets of tomatoes. And sometime near the end of August you quietly come to the conclusion that, for now, you would like to see zuccini go extinct. read more »

Homemade Bread, Beansprouts and Early Morning G...

I personally had all the exercise I needed today. I have been getting up about six every morning to go outside and work in the garden. It is starting to look gooooood. The seeds that I started are growing away despite a few mishaps. The worst of which was leaving the trays - with no drainage holes out in the pouring rain. read more »

Garden Like a Baker: Using Your Kitchen to Star...

I did get my seeds planted on the weekend. I needed to get things going quickly so I spent a bit of time looking for a warm place to keep the seeds until they germinated. Some of the seeds could have been planted a month ago. But I am a master procrastinator if not a master gardener. read more »

Recycled Egg Carton Garden Seed Starter Tray

In hopes of saving a little money on produce this summer, my household is planting a garden. To save a little more money, rather than starting my seeds in peat pots, I converted egg cartons into seed starter trays. We eat a lot of eggs around my house, so it didn't take long to amass a collection of them. I crafted them into trays that provide drainage and even catch their own drips!Want to see how to do it? Click here! read more »

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