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George Soros, You Owe Me Some Money…

Just over two weeks ago, I participated in the Nashville leg of the Women’s March. It was very nice to see that many people join together for a common goal. At least that’s what I thought at the time. Now, I’m just peeved. I’m irked. I’m infuriated and enraged and furious and what not. I [] read more »

Inaugurate This

At some point in the life of every American child, they dream of becoming president of the United States. This is a dream slightly lower than the dream of magical space traveler and unicorn breeder, all with only a slightly higher likelihood of happening. The thing they dont tell you as a kid is one [] read more »

A Economia Comportamental pode explicar às vota...

Um artigo recentequestiona: as votações do BREXIT e da eleição de Donald Trump poderão ser explicadas pela economia comportamental? Segundo esta teoria (prospect theory) dois autores há quase 30 anos previram que se um cidadão se sentir numa situação de perda ou o seu país numa situação de crise este terá mais vontade de tomar uma opção de risco...Como escolher o BREXIT ou eleger Donald Trump como presidente do seu país... Quando as pessoas se sentem num momento em que perderam algo ou que o seu país est... read more »

The Choice Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Este documental The Choicees una muy buena opción porque te muestra, explica y enseña con imágenes de calidad y testimonios de personas que han vivido episodios clave de la vida de Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton como la vida personal, académica, familiar y profesional de los dos últimos candidatos a la presidencia de Estados Unidos es.Además, lo realiza de una manera rigurosa, certera, interesante y todo desde una perspectiva muy neutral. The Choice Así se entiende y se comprende la relevancia de est... read more »

# ISU GLOBAL~Adakah Negara Palestin berakhir se...

Naftali Bennett BAITULMAQDIS - PALESTIN. Menteri Pendidikan Israel, Naftali Bennett mendakwa, idea penubuhan sebuah negara Palestin berakhir selepas Donald Trump dipilih menjadi Presiden Amerika Syarikat (AS)."Kemenangan Trump adalah peluang untuk Israel dengan segera menarik balik penubuhan negara Palestin di tengah negara itu yang akan menjejaskan keselamatan," kata Bennet, anggota parti pelampau, Jewish Home."Ini adalah pendirian presiden yang dipilih. Era sebuah negara Palestin berakhir," katanya di... read more »

Emigrantes y Denigrantes

“¿No es el mejor?”, preguntó ella a los asistentes en un inglés con acentazo. “Será el mejor presidente de la historia. ¡Te quiero!”. Tu acento te delata Dear Melania Trump, está claro que tu marido SI diferencia entre emigrantes y "denigrantes". Ya lo decía Manu Chao..."Todo es mentira en este mundo, todo es mentira verdad". Tan mentira como tu Discurso de la Convención Nacional Republicana de Cleveland.....ayyyy si Michelle Obama levantara la cabeza y viera el papel de calco que usasteis para ... read more »

Orlando – A View From Britain

What happened in Pulse bar in Orlando on Saturday night was shocking, horrific, and utterly terrifying for anyone caught up in it. I can only write about it on the basis of the information I have been given by the Continue reading read more »

Burlándose de Donald Trump

Recibir atención mediática constantemente tiene sus riesgos y aunque a Donald Trump le hace ganar más y más protagonismo las numerosas veces en las que se le imita, se hace chistes sobre él o se le critica hundiría en la miseria a cualquiera pero Donald Trump lleva toda su vida siendo el foco de atención y a veces se presta al juego. Van a ver ahora algún vídeo hilarante en el que se imita a Donald Trump o con él mismo, con invitados de excepción y gran una sorpresa final... Muy divertido. Niños imitan ... read more »

Cuidado con los que destilan veneno

Todos conocemos a alguien que no vive ni deja vivir, que se la pasa pendiente a lo que hacen o dejan de hacer los demás.  Esas personas que destilan amargura y que en sus palabras solamente hay críticas destructivas. Me imagino que estás pensando en los que tú conoces. Digo, ójala y tú no seas read more »

Donald Trump.

Estaba claro que el partido republicano iba a librar una batalla campal para elegir a su candidato debido a que relevantes figuras habían presentado su candidatura. Senadores como los de Ohio (John Kasich) Florida (Marco Rubio) Texas (Ted Cruz) Nueva Jersey (Chris Christie). El hermano de George W. Bush, Jeff Bush con todo el poder que la familia Bush representa en Estados Unidos. Del mismo modo, una mujer de negocios como Carly Fiorino y una eminencia de la medicina y además afroamericano como Ben Carso... read more »

They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind

A rather revealing admission by the winner of the Nevada GOP caucus. At first glance, Trump appears to be denigrating the very people who are propelling him to victory, and that is how a number of news outlets are spinning his words today. This would seem to reinforce an already existing narrative about Trump, one that is best illustrated by an internet meme that has been floating around for months: As much as Trump's opponents would love to believe that he actually called Republican voters the "dumbest... read more »

The Presidential Election Will be Won By…By Jul...

Youre leaning in, arent you? You want to know what name Im going to type to reveal the winning candidate for this years election. Well, I dont know. But I do believe with all my heart this: The election will Continue reading read more »

English Only

I came across an interesting bit of presidential trivia earlier this evening. If Donald J. Trump becomes our next president, his wife will have the distinction of being only the second First Lady that was born outside of the United States. Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams, wife of President John Quincy Adams, was born in London on February 12, 1775. She was the daughter of an Englishwoman and an American merchant. John Quincy's father, John Adams, was the American consul general in London during the 1790s,... read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger travels in style

Arriving at 67 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to live in luxury and not at all stingy when it comes to one of his greatest passions: cars expensive. Former governor of California has quite a collection of hot rods, which has spent millions of dollars in total. However, the last public appearance impressed not by "brilliance" [] read more »

The narrowest street in Prague has installed tr...

The narrow street in Prague is a challenge for tourists who want to sneak through space with a width of only 49 centimeters. Provided, the City Hall lights installed for visitors to enter the place and not in place similar Stada block Rope in Brasov. Travel Diary: Prague streets, statues and structures With a tourist [] read more »

Countries with most islands in the world

Countries with most islands. Experts find it difficult to decide which is the country that has the most islands in the world, the competition is very tight. Many of these islands are very small and do not appear listed in all counts, so it is difficult to establish an exact top. 10 Most Remote Inhabited [] read more »

Trump’s Right. Let’s Make America Great Again!

Dateline: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1776. After a great deal of tea-related bickering and the subsequent beginning of a war, a group of men have had enough. “I do say that these British brutes must be dealt with!” declared a chubby bespectacled man named Benjamin Franklin. In 1745, Franklin had authored a letter entitled “Advice to a [] read more »

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