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[31DC15] Sexy Lace

Hi, Ladies!It's September 1st so let's The 31 Day Nail Challenge 2015 started!The first claim is «Red Nails». I must admit that I LOVE the red and white combo, and not only for Christmas sweaters. So, just for start, I've chosen to make an easy-peasy stamping in redwhite. Ciao a tutti!Settembre è finalmente iniziato e la 31 Day Nail Challenge 2015 può cominciare!Il primo colore della lista è il rosso e siccome l'accoppiata bianco e rosso mi piace da morire, andiamo sul sicuro e cominciamo questa maraton... read more »

[Holothon 2015] Astra Glitter Party 01

Hi, mates!Today I've a short post for you. My pc is almost dead, so I can't show you more than one, single photo.Anyway, Astra Glitter Party 03 is a deep blue based scattered holo. You could see two coats over my usual base coat, and one drop of top coat, to enhance the deepness of this lovely nail polish.Do you like it?I bet you do!Don't forget to take a look at my mates' picks, I'm pretty sure they have chosen gorgeous holos!Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week end! Ciao a tutti!Post superveloc... read more »

Astra Gel Expert 02 Neige

Hi everyone! Astra recently launched a Gel effect nail polish line and I was curious to test what they deliver. First time I went to the shop carrying this Italian brand I passed because the colours looked kinda boring for me. I was really tempted by the white creme but I decided to pass on it. When I went there again I just gave up and bought it. And I am glad I did! This is Astra Gel Expert in no. 02 Neige (Snow) and it’s actually not a white creme! To my biggest surprise it dried to a semi-matte fin... read more »

Finishpedia: scattered holographic

Hi there guys! Week-end ahead and the finishpedia series is almost to the end. The second to last finish we are covering is scattered holographic. We talked about linear holos last week, that were those creating a visible prism or rainbow on the nail. Scattered holos on the other hand have a more sparse, not uniform, holographic effect. The holo particles still change a variety of colours but you won’t get the super obvious rainbow shape if we can call it that way. It’s like every holo cell is acting on... read more »

Pedido a Primor

Estas son las cositas que pedí a Primor: Super Beblesh Balm Triple Funtions de Skin79, Cucumber Essence Mask de Beauty Friends II, Leche Desmaquillante de BYPHASE y de regalo Nail Art Crackle Lacquer. Primor es una tienda on- line donde podemos encontrar productos de cosmética, maquillaje, parafarmacia y muchas cosas más, de gama alta y también low cost a buenos precios. Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SKIN 79 Esta BB Cream es muy conocida y hacía mucho tiempo que quería probarla, es la famosa... read more »

Hyundai i30 (GD) kontra Opel Astra (J) - 3 z 3 ...

Kliknij w zdjęcie, aby zobaczyć je w duuużym rozmiarzeWygląd Muszę przyznać, że gdybym był jurorem w samochodowym konkursie piękności i te dwa samochody miałyby w nim startować, to pewnie żaden nie wszedłby nawet do finałowej dziesiątki. Jednakże Hyundai i30 mógłby z powodzenie startować w konkursie na "Miss Anonimowości 2014. Ma takie mniej dynamiczne przednie światła i mniej więcej muskularną, wybrzuszoną osłonę chłodnicy z przodu. Do tego ma mniej więcej zaakcentowane nadkola i mniej więcej drapieżn... read more »

Hyundai i30 (GD) vs Opel Astra (J) - 3 of 3 - t...

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks I must admit that if I was to be a judge in a car beauty contest and these two were to participate, probably neither of them would get to the final. The Hyundai i30 could however do well in "Miss Anonimity" 2014. It has this sort of dynamic head lights and sort of bulky black front grill. There are also sort of accented wheel arches and sort of predatory shape of rear lights. But if you put it all together in one car, it sort of blends in when ... read more »

Opel Astra J kontra Hyundai i30 GD - 2 z 3 - ni...

Kliknij w zdjęcie, aby zobaczyć je w duuużym rozmiarzeWygląd Minęło już pięć lat od czasu, gdy obecnie nam panująca Astra model "J" zadebiutowała na targach motoryzacyjnych we Frankfurcie, ale gdy patrzę na nią dziś, to dochodzę do wniosku, że stylistyka nie zestarzała się jeszcze aż tak bardzo. I to jest dobra wiadomość dla Opla, który znany jest z tego, że wymienia swoje modele rzadziej od konkurencji. Tak - kształt samochodu przypomina trochę bańkę mydlana na powierzchni wody i nie brakuje w nim nie... read more »

Opel Astra (J) vs Hyundai i30 (GD) - 2 of 3

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks It's been five years already since Astra model J debuted in Frankfurt Motorshow. When you look at the car it actually doesn't look that old which is good news as Opel is known for keeping their models on the market for quite a while before replacing them. Though it has some soft, curvy lines and a bubbly silhouette that by know is probably out of fashion it also has some nice sharp angles here and there. Opel says this car represents their desi... read more »

Starmobile Crystal

I recently posted about Starmobile Astra as I bought one for myself last year. While it was pretty good, the fun doesnt end there because just lately Starmobile released yet another awesome smartphone referred to as Crystal. Its almost like Continue reading read more »

Muzeul Civilizatiei Populare Traditionale ASTRA...

Muzeul Civilizatiei Populare Traditionale ASTRA, Muzeul Satului Sibian is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes... Muzeul Civilizatiei Populare Traditionale ASTRA, Muzeul Satului Sibian is a post from: Romania Through My Eyes... Am vizitat Sibiul de nenumarate ori, dar din pacate aici nu am reusit sa ajungem… iata ca a venit momentul si pentru realizarea catorva imagini deosebite din Muzeul Civilizatiei Populare Traditionale Astra, mai pe scurt Muzeul Satului [...] Related posts: Muzeul Satului Bucu... read more »

Luna în Sibiu #prinSibiulmeu

Impresii multe despre Sibiu. Vor urma încet să curgă pe blog după ziua de luni, cel mai probabil. Iată cum arată acum luna la Sibiu: Aceeași lună ca și în Chișinău sau Bălți. Doar că oamenii sunt diferiți. Pare rău că oamenii înțeleg greșit unele mesaje. Dar, mă rog, asta e, de unde să mai [...] read more »

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