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A Southerner Speaks Out on the So-Called Confed...

As an American who had ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and a Southerner whose family roots in the South go back for over 200 years, I am aware of the history of the Civil War, what led up to Continue reading read more »

Happy Birthday America! A grateful look down an...

Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? [] read more »

CINEMA NA REITORIA - "América, América, Para On...

Ciclo de Cinema “América, América, Para Onde Vais?” Masterclasses de Cinema Americano por Lauro António, seguidos de Sessões.   “(…) numa altura em que tanto se fala dos EUA, de Donald Trump, da nova orientação política da Casa Branca, da América dividida a meio pelas votações entre Republicanos e Democratas, nas manifestações diárias de “Resistência”, de ameaças de racismo e xenofobia, de perseguição e de apelo ao ódio, de generosa recetividade e igualdade de tratamento, de cosmopolitismo e rura... read more »

Emigrantes y Denigrantes

“¿No es el mejor?”, preguntó ella a los asistentes en un inglés con acentazo. “Será el mejor presidente de la historia. ¡Te quiero!”. Tu acento te delata Dear Melania Trump, está claro que tu marido SI diferencia entre emigrantes y "denigrantes". Ya lo decía Manu Chao..."Todo es mentira en este mundo, todo es mentira verdad". Tan mentira como tu Discurso de la Convención Nacional Republicana de Cleveland.....ayyyy si Michelle Obama levantara la cabeza y viera el papel de calco que usasteis para ... read more »

And Every Gain Divine by Kristen Heitzmann

Over Independence Day, I posted a less known verse from America the Beautiful because it resonated when we sang the song in church. Since then the words have continued to work in me, so I thought we could discuss it Continue reading read more »


No último inverno do hemisfério sul, estive passando uns dias em Paraty, Estado do Rio de Janeiro. E muito se engana quem pensa que a palavra inverno tem um significado negativo neste contexto de férias e cidade com praia. Paraty estava muito bonita. Além das belas fachadas de arquitetura típica do período colonial do Brasil, o sol [] read more »


There was a time in my life when I was fully invaded by West's Self Help Books and for some months, Oriental Philosophy which include the Ancient Indian Texts which were in my shelves did not ignite me to read until September, 2013 when I found this masterpiece which reboot my whole perspective.American Veda, the title looks odd but it surely ignites the wisdom hunters.The famous Indian-American doctor and New Age Rockstar of Spirituality and my fatherly figure Deepak Chopra terms the book as an illumin... read more »

Music Monday – Retroish 133

bethere2day - Music Monday Retroish 133 - Post your choice of songs and join in add your link to the Linky. Music Monday Retroish 133 read more »

Trump’s Right. Let’s Make America Great Again!

Dateline: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1776. After a great deal of tea-related bickering and the subsequent beginning of a war, a group of men have had enough. “I do say that these British brutes must be dealt with!” declared a chubby bespectacled man named Benjamin Franklin. In 1745, Franklin had authored a letter entitled “Advice to a [] read more »

Honor, Patriotism & Ignorance

As the officially observed day of America's independence from the repressive, tyrannical King George, I am saddened that we, as Americans, have chosen to implement repression, throwing away liberties without regard to the fight that took place to provide them. The founding fathers risked life and limb to provide us the openness of expression free from oppression by an authority that claims to be higher than our own. Case in point, the Confederate flag. Think what you will of such a flag, but this single... read more »

When America Changes its Political Mind

by J. Andrew Zalucky With the recent ruling by the Supreme Court concerning state recognition of same-sex marriage, a lot has been made about the speed at which America changes its mind. Take this Bloomberg article for instance, where Alex Tribou and Keith Collins detail how opinions on various issues change. Social change in the [] read more »

Red, White & Blue

Howdy! It's all Red, White, and Blue around here. Remember that last post where I mentioned I was working on something? Well my Mom's birthday is tomorrow (July 4th) and she likes country/primitive looking decorations. So I decided to make her something, along with purchasing her a gift too! First up, and very conveniently my neighbor has a wonderful primitive business so I was able to purchase this wonderful set of stars for my Mom... Stars by Peach Bottom Primitives, you can find her e-patterns on et... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Memorial Day - May 25, 2015" Full Size PNG: "OUR DUTY"God Bless America and all those who their lives, gave!OUR DUTY is to honour, respect, their memories always save!We have not our rights and freedoms without a costly cost.We have our rights and freedoms BECAUSE of lives sacrificed and lost.Therefore it is OUR DUTY for our privileges ... read more »


This will be a short one. People need to understand that this is Memorial Day and not Veteran’s Day. While I believe that we should always honor and respect those who stand in defense of our country, willing to give their all for you and me, this is a day where we remember the fallen. [...] read more »


My viewpoint on government is really very simple; the people are the government. Or, at least, that’s the way I believe it should be regardless of what we have seen over the last 100 years. I have no illusions as to who started this county and they were not your ‘average’ citizens, they were all [...] read more »

En un país serio…

Venezuela logró convencerme. La situación me persuadió a tal punto que ya puedo asegurar que este país no es “serio”. Esta expresión se usa mucho, muchísimo, en todos los círculos. Pobres y ricos siempre agregan a sus diálogos que al país le falta seriedad y que por eso estamos en el centro de la barbarie, por nuestras propias contradicciones y no gracias a agentes externos que infectaron la nación con fenómenos antes desconocidos como el chavismo, la boliburguesía, el caciquismo, caudillismo o como uste... read more »


I read an article this morning (yes some of us still read the newspaper) about how the Nation of Islam ‘accused’ the Baltimore county police of having been trained by the Mossad and Shin Bet. For those of you who do not know what these institutions are, the Mossad is the Israeli equivalent of our [...] read more »

Holocaust II – The Sequel

There are some who say that the original Holocaust (World War II) never happened. These are the same people who are, of course, supporting the destruction of Israel and her allies. The sad truth is that it seems that it is about to happen again, only this time on a much grander scale. The enemies [...] read more »

I want America to be a better place

Friends, With all the craziness here, I still remember when America was a better place. Yes, there were crazy people. But, we were able to find jobs and places to live much more easily. I am helping everyone I can, Continue reading read more »

Irving Texas stands with US against Sharia Law

Friends, Even though they did make a stand, you must know, half of the city council voted for SHARIA LAW. Irving Mayor stands against Sharia Law. It should scare all of US into action when half of our elected officials Continue reading read more »

Another Interesting Book…

Here is another interesting Novella read more »

Molto vento, presente

Cè molto vento, qui dove mi trovo ora. E quel vento forte che ti scuote i pensieri, che non ti dà tregua, che ti spinge in avanti, ti urta quasi, e ti invita ad essere, presente. read more »

Geography Matters To God

For many a year I have been taken with geography in the kingdom. The idea of being in the right place at the right time OR being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We relegate so much of the kingdom to serendipity rather than faith, discernment and wisdom. How did we get here? Continue reading Geography Matters To God read more »

Willie Colón "EL MALO"

En esta ocasión RET os trae un magnífico artículo sobre uno de los trombonistas de música latina más conocidos del mundo. WILLIE COLÓN Gerald Sloan, professor of music at the University of Arkansas in an article stated, "Willie Colón has probably done more than anyone since Tommy Dorsey to keep the trombone before the public. Stylistically the are poles apart, Dorsey representing an ultra-smooth approach, Colón a Hard-edged roughness reportedly inspired by Barry Rogers. Unfortunately, Colón's public w... read more »

Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

Last night I had a dream about an old friend I have know for over 20 years. He was one of those people who began to reveal the grace of God to me. My friend nearly 20 years later continues to have an influence on me. While he was in my life he began to Continue reading Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You read more »

The Missing Sacrifice

This morning I awoke to noise. Lots of it. Not in the natural, but in a dream. I was in a cafeteria or conference room. Everyone seemed to know everyone but the volume of the conversations was maddening. A pregnant woman was standing next to me and people began to make fun of her. Another Continue reading The Missing Sacrifice read more »

100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go

Did you ever receive a book that you just couldnt set down?  This inspiring travel guide, 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go, is written by Sophia Dembling.  She weaves over 100 enticing tales involving remarkable women that helped shape Americas history. What better way to read her comments about ski resorts than while stopping near Robert Redfords Sundance [...] The post 100 Places in the USA Every Woman Should Go appeared first on Retire for the Fun of it. read more »


I will start this article off by stating that I will never agree with the lawless, unconstitutional actions of the person currently occupying the White House concerning immigration. This most divisive president in the history of this country is simply out to cause as much damage as possible to a system of freedoms established over [...] read more »


As far as I can tell, both the hard left and the hard right need to be on some type of medication. I have made no secret of the fact that I do not like the policies of the person currently occupying the White House. What I have not made clear is that I do [...] read more »


The hacking of Sony and the threats from the now identified North Korean terrorist regime have brought a national response. I find that interesting as I am not exactly sure why the United States government is involved. You see, once again, stinky has it wrong. He keeps calling Sony an American company, but the fact [...] read more »


I am going to keep this short today. With the racial tensions at a height that I haven’t seen since the 1960’s (yes, I was around then) because of the recent incidents in Ferguson, MO and New York City it seems that the police everywhere in this country are now under attack for how they [...] read more »


It is against the law to advocate for the overthrow of our government. There is a law on the books that was brought into existence in 1940 called The Alien Registration Act or more often referred to as the “Smith Act” that prohibits advocating or teaching the desirability of overthrowing the government of the United [...] read more »


So, now that the current occupant of the White House has proven that he can flaunt the law and override the Constitution at-will, what comes next? The thing to remember is that the ultimate goal is to keep the general populace as weak and uninformed (read that as stupid as one of stinky’s advisors has [...] read more »


Well, stinky (b.o.), did what we all knew he was going to do. Now we will have five million people who have entered this country illegally, given a free pass. This should enrage everyone who went through the process to come to the United States of America legally. But, you need to understand that stinky [...] read more »

The Russia-American Special Relationship that S...

This is a part of American history that I wasnt aware of, it made me wonder how many others dont know as well. It seems that when America was in its deepest turmoil unlikely as it seems Russia sent warships to protect the ports not only on the east coast but west coast as well. [] read more »

3 things wrong in America.

Friends, I fall in a rather interesting place. Historically, my family is really American. I am a mix of several backgrounds and races. A small amount of Native American French with an equal mix of English and Scot. My Continue reading read more »


Well, stinky (b.o.) still doesn’t get it apparently. Now, it appears that it is about to issue executive orders to go around Congress and the Constitution in order to bring its immigration plan to fruition and further degrade the country. The problem with that is that it really is illegal for it to do this. Let [...] read more »


What I am hearing now is that part of the reason that the Demagogues took such a beating in the 2014 elections is due to the poor voter turnout of their base. I have to admit, I am to blame for that. I’m sorry to all the Losers (yes, you are all capital L losers) [...] read more »


If anyone was shocked at the reaction to the election that obama gave the world, then they are simply fools. This is a creature whose entire existence is defined by its communist ideology. It simply cannot accept that it could be wrong in any way. Let me break this down for you a bit. When [...] read more »


Is the theocracy of b.o. actually in trouble? Is it really possible that majority of the populace have become disillusioned with obama-the-messiah? If the liberals had swept the mid-terms the way that the Republicans just did, b.o. would have called it a ‘mandate’ and validation of his policies. Instead, he will try to find a [...]r read more »

Desmantelemos el populismo a través de la tecno...

El populismo es el atajo por el cual se juega con las pasiones, ilusiones e ideales de la gente, por prometer lo que es imposible aprovechándose de su miseria, dejando fuera toda la razón y la lógica en la toma de decisiones; en suma, juega con la necesidad para, sencillamente, imponer una dictadura. El populismo ama tanto a los pobres que los multiplica. Interesante discurso de Gloria Álvarez (Movimiento Cívico Nacional de Guatemala), cuya idea principal ojalá estuviera así de clara para mucha gente, qu... read more »

Aerotrains, Monorail Trains, and what the heck?

I had no idea what a box of worms I was opening when I started this post. It was going to be a simple post about how the Russians and Americans came up with this harebrained idea of sticking jet engines on a train. I wasnt prepared to find out that Europe had also [] read more »

Where to travel in October?

Når kveldene blir mørke, og man kjenner kulden begynner å smyge seg inn, løvet fra trærne er nesten borte og man begynner å undre når den første snøen skal komme, da skal jeg forsvinne!/When the evening is getting darker and you can feel the cold is sneaking up on you, the leaf from the trees are almost gone and you start wondering when the first snow will arrive, then I'm going to disappear!/ 2 uker i begynnelsen av oktober er merket som ferie i kalenderen og hva skal vi gjøre? Eller rettere sagt, ... read more »


This time there is simply no denying it. The current president of the United States is the one with innocent blood on his hands. I am not talking about the killing that happens in times of war, I am talking about purposeful inaction that allows American citizens to die. Today, a video showing the beheading [...] read more »


A vast number of my articles seem to focus on the negative even though I try to make sure that there are answers for the problems I point out in them. I wanted to take the time to give you my plan for bringing our country back from the brink of the looming disaster that [...] read more »


I like numbers. I wouldn’t say that I sit around playing math games all day, but I like some of the interesting things that numbers can tell us and how, of themselves, they are always honest. Now, get yourselves ready because I am going to be hitting you with a lot of statistics here but [...] read more »


It isn’t front page news anymore, but for more than four months one of our own, Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been languishing in a Mexican jail. His story is interesting and points up a few interesting facts about the world we live in. The Mexican account is that Sgt. Thamooressi entered Mexico with [...] read more »

How many countries have I been to?

/I would say I have been to 50 countries, but not everybody will agree with that. Anyway, I have travelled a lot and I will continue to travel for as long as I can, there are so many places I want to see, and I'm just getting started./Jeg vil regne det som 50 land, men det er kanskje ikke alle som er enige i det. Uansett så har jeg reise en del og jeg kommer helt klart til å forsette med det, det er så utrolig mange steder jeg vil se her i verden, men jeg er også takknemlig for det jeg allerede har opple... read more »


Depending on who you believe, I would have to say that ‘the golden child’ isn’t doing so well in the eyes of the American public: president Obama Job Approval        Associated Press/GfK       Approve 40, Disapprove 59 president Obama Job Approval        Gallup           [...] read more »

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