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Someone Had An Idea For A Garden

Continuing on with the garden series. Thank you so much for the comments and thought process you have shared. To read others, simply click the garden category at the top. To have an garden, you have to have an idea for it first. And before any garden can be put in place, someone has to [] read more »

The Rain Is Here!

This morning I was awakened by the very loud sound of rain. Roaring was how it sound at 4AM. One of the things I like to do is “investigate” the sound. Not just know where it comes from or where it is, but what is on the “inside”. (If I am going to be awake, [] read more »

De ce a fost creată femeia?

Fiecare bărbat își dorește să înțeleagă modul în care gândește o femeie. Am auzit pe mulți dintre ei spunând că femeile nu pot fi înțelese, că sunt extrem de complicate, și că nici măcar ele nu își înțeleg propriile acțiuni. În opinia mea, noi, bărbații, nu punem problema cum trebuie. Obiectivul nostru principal nu ar trebui să fie înțelegerea modului lor de a gândi, ci înțelegerea rolului pe care o femeie îl are în viața noastră. Dumnezeu l-a creat primul pe Adam, din țărâna pământului, pentru a păz... read more »

Priorities and A Yielded Life

Hello Dear Christian Readers and Friends. It has been only one weekend since Thanksgiving Day and I am hoping you all had a great day celebrating the goodness of God with your family and friends. I sure did. Even on my worst day, I have so much to be thankful for! I realized at 1:30 [...] read more »

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