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Gli accessori di moda per l'autunno su Crazy Fa...

Al cambio stagione mi piace rinnovare non solo l'armadio ma anche tutto ciò che va a completare i miei outfit e a volte bastano una cintura, un cappello, un foulard annodato nel modo giusto, un orologio statement, un maxi bracciale, per dare quel tocco di stile in più.Quando voglio acquistare dei gioielli di qualità a prezzi convenienti, mi affido da anni a Crazy Factory, dove trovo tutte le ultime tendenze della moda per accontentare ogni fashionista, anche la più esigente.Ecco i miei ultimi crazy acqui... read more »

WEITZMANN-Watches. Alta orologeria al polso con...

Normal 0 14 false false false IT X-NONE X-NONE L’orologio nato come strumento per segnare il tempo, che da sempre condiziona il nostro vivere quotidiano, un must che nel tempo si è adattato agli stili , alle epoche, all’esigenza di misurare il trascorrere del tempo è sempre stata sentita, è innegabile che ad esso sono legati stili, m... read more »

Ура! Я спала всю ночь! )))

Всем привет, мои хорошие! Как ваши дела? Утречко моё выдалось очень продуктивным! :) Во-первых, я прекрасно выспалась, потому что не сидела всю ночь, а легла в 10 вечера! Вот какая я молодец! :) Во-вторых, проснувшись, я переделала все дела. Стирка, уборка, готовка еды. В-третьих, я привела себя в порядок, чтобы даже дома выглядеть хорошо. Вообще-то, удобней дома без лифона, в свободной одежде, без украшений, но мне кажется нужно приучать себя к красоте. У нас сегодня очень сильный ветер, тополей оп... read more »

Jewellery - My Pandora Rings That I Have Been L...

Hello Beauties, It's very rare that I talk about jewellery or fashion on this blog and I want to do more of that here . Apart from my love for beauty and make - up I have a huge passion for Pandora there jewellery is just so beautiful isn't it . I have quite a lot of Pandora jewellery in my collection if you want me to do a post on that just leave me a comment as I know I am not the only one who loves Pandora and everyone loves to see what everyone else has in their collection especially when it comes to... read more »

What Camera Would You Recommend?

It has been snowing on and off the past couple of week sin my neighborhood. Sometimes we get freezing rain and sleet that makes the snowy roads more dangerous. By turning them into a sheet of ice. My street is one street over from theroad. The city will not clear the roads unlessit is amain street. Thus, my road will turn into a sheet of ice before winter is over. These were the last winter photos I was able to take with my camera. Before my camera card fell apart. I am hoping to replace my camera card ... read more »

My Travel Essentials....

Hello Lovelies, Hope you are well today I thought I would do a post on my Travel Essentials. I am one of those people that tend to be a Victim of Mosquito Bites and they Hurt like Crazy :( So I was in Poundland the other day and saw these items and thought I would give these a try as I am planning a winter holiday. I've never seen these Anti Mosquito Wrist Bands before and I thought I would try them and see if they work you get 2 in a pack for £1 and I might actually go back for another pack so I ... read more »

In Finding the Best Electric Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument can become the optimal solution to enhance your artistic side and reveal your hidden skills. There are a lot of instruments out there to try on. Obviously, each of them comes with a lot of challenges, while experience will most likely make the difference overtime. At the same time, [] read more »

Dupe Make-Up Brushes V's Real Technique Brushes

Hello Lovelies, Hope you are all well. A few weeks before Christmas I was on eBaylooking for some new make-up brushes when I came across these lovely dupes for the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush Collection I didn't want to post them straight away as I wanted to do a review on these Make-Up Brushes of course I didn't expect them to be as good as the Real Technique ones because of the difference in price but paying more money doesn't always have to mean there better Quality. Here are the brushes tha... read more »

I miei ultimi acquisti firmati FashionMIA

L'inverno è sinonimo di freddo, vento e umidità, ma indossare un cappottino stiloso contribuisce a rendere il clima un po' più sopportabile! Un buon cappotto dovrebbe essere caldo, avere un'ottima vestibilità e farti sentire al massimo, ma molti giacconi e cappotti hanno un disegno basico e magari banale, ma io ho acquistato su FashionMIA un capo molto cool, caldo e tosto! When you think about winter you would feel cold and wet, but having a fashionable coat makes the climate just a little bit more bea... read more »

SmarTone 觀塘 apm 新店開業|新聞發報

全新旗艦 Accessories Zone 隆重登場 SmarTone 位於觀塘 apm 一樓的新店已經正式投入服務,店內特設全新 Accessories Zone,方便客戶體驗及選購心水配件。以智能手機配件配襯出時尚品味已經成為潮流,SmarTone 為滿足本港消費者的需求,特別從世界各地引入各類設計獨特又高質素的智能手機配件和周邊產品,更於門市提供專屬空間,令客戶可以隨心創造屬於個人的生活品味,為流動生活增添色彩。 SmarTone 暫代總裁鄒金根親臨新店主持開幕儀式,並表示:「SmarTone 一向專注客戶所需,締造優質體驗。隨著智能手機與生活密不可分,手機配件不再侷限於功能性,更成為生活潮流的一部份。我們亦捉緊這個潮流,在 apm 新店內設置首個大型 Accessories Zone,為客戶提供專屬的空間,輕鬆選購設計與功能兼備的高質素手機配件,加上員工專業貼心的服務,能帶給客戶新的體驗,我們有信心客戶將愛上不一樣。」 SmarTone 將會於全線門市增設或擴大手機配件專區,客戶可按喜好揀選心水配件。apm... read more »

Small Primark & Poundworld Haul

Hello lovelies,Hope you are all well, Today I thought I would Share with you my Primark and Poundworld Haul its only a small one but I've not done one in awhile and I thought I would show you what I got. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much I love my Accessories mainly statement necklaces but every once in awhile when I'm in Primark they have rings that catch my attention and when I saw these little beauties I had to buy them. I love them both but my favourite is definit... read more »

Charmed, I’m Fall ~ Endless Jewelry by JLo Give...

All good stylistas know that when the season changes, so should at least a few items, including shoes, bags, and accessories. When transitioning to fall, Read the rest The post Charmed, Im Fall ~ Endless Jewelry by JLo Giveaway appeared first on Style Island. read more »

~ season’s it bags ~

Choose the most appealing must-have bag as seen at New York Fashion Week below! (Images via here)Filed under: inspirations Tagged: accessories, fashion week, it-bag, New York, NYFW read more »

Learning How to Play the Ukulele for Beginners

The Ukulele has been growing in popularity in the recent years because everyone enjoys the music produced by this wonderful little instrument. It could be argued that deciding to learn to play the ukulele is just a fad due to the vast number of people learning to play this magnificent instrument. But, once you pick [] read more »

Froumanù borse pe 15 in juta o corda e details ...

Froumanù Froumanù: una borsa da collezione, gioiello di femminilità... Nell'affascinante scenario di un design ricco di sublime atmosfera e preziosa fantasia, risplende la donna Froumanù. Un'eleganza metropolitana, che si specchia in quel nuovissimo stile easy chic che la designer milanese Emanuela Pessina rappresenta in tutte le sue creazioni, uniche e inimitabili. Clutch, borse con catena in varie lunghezze, tra sfiziosi dettagli perlati, strass e turchesi, protagonisti sulla juta e sulla corda... read more »

~ mirror mirror on the wall…! ~

Well, I’m affraid I got obsessed with sunglasses lately! Hmm, who cares, summer is here! So, to get on the point, this is why you need mirrored sunnies this season. Get a clue, after the jump! (Images via here) Filed under: inspirations Tagged: accessories, inspiration, mirrored, ootd, outfit, street fashion, street look, street style, sunglasses, [] read more »

Clocktails & Dreams: Clocks to Cocktails at the...

I have always been a huge proponent of matching things when it comes to your style, especially in the last several years. Ive even gone Read the rest The post Clocktails Dreams: Clocks to Cocktails at the Timex Fall 15 Preview appeared first on Style Island. read more »

~ cat-eye sunglasses outfits ~

Well, I suppose all of you love more or less summers number one accessory What is it? Sunglasses, of course, my ladies! That brings me to the second step of my thoughts, so let me pose the next question. Do you want to know what to pair cat-eye sunnies with? Okey! Take a look after [] read more »

Curvy Girl Wishes: Hugo Boss' Womenswear 2015 F...

Iwatched Hugo Boss’ Womenswear New York 2015 Fall/Winter collection walked down the Runway on YouTube. Designer Jason Wu’s choice of colors were seemingly basic but they were simply... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Breast Augmentation: Helps Improve Women’s Self...

Women usually experience a significant boost in self-esteem and positive feelings about their sexuality after undergoing breast enlargement, that is according to recent research and studies. Women who underwent breast augmentation surgery said the results met their expectations. It has also been reported of improvements in quality of life and self-esteem after their procedure. That [] read more »

~ the next 11 big things ~

From moto boots to the charming furry keychain, fashion bloggers have the power to elevate a certain set of items to major cult status just by wearing them. As such, every season there is an expectation to see which pieces will enter our closets or at least dream of entering! After the jump, you can [] read more »

~ the next 11 fbloggers big things ~

From moto boots to the charming furry keychain, fashion bloggers have the power to elevate a certain set of items to major cult status just by wearing them. As such, every season there is an expectation to see which pieces will enter our closets or at least dream of entering! After the jump, you can [] read more »

Ancap luxury Precious: edizione limitata access...

Novità da Ancap: accessori di lusso, porcellana realizzata artigianalmente.La collezione comprende eleganti tazze da caffè, in svariati modelli. Accessori di lusso in edizione limitataNovità Ancap: Precious, una collezione unicaOggetti preziosi, in porcellana di alto pregio, da regalarsi e regalare Precious è unicità, pregio estetico, distintività...è una collezione ricercata ed esclusiva, fatta di oggetti unici nati dalla lavorazione artigianale di una materia pregiata di elevatissima qualità, la por... read more »

Per un San Valentino romantico scegli Born Pret...

Febbraio è il mese dell'amore anche per le The Lunch Girls.February is the month of love even for The Lunch Girls.Quell'amore universale che ci lega alle persone a cui vogliamo bene. Senza bisogno di dire altro perchè è proprio questo che rende grande questo sentimento. Universal love that binds us to the people we love. No need to say anything else because that's what makes this great feeling.Ad ogni modo, per coloro che sono alla ricerca di quel tocco romantico da sfoggiare ogni giorno -poichè i sentim... read more »

ELECOM's Grand Launch Of Its Latest Store At SM...

Just right before the end of January, one of Japan’s leading lifestyle tech brands has finally set up shop in the Philippines its latest store at the 4th floor of SM North EDSA, Annex, offering a wide array of products for today’s more mobile consumers.And take note was there to witness the opening of the store and see what are their offerings.Of course an event wouldn't be lively without the host, hosted by renowned socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdez the stage became even more glamorous.... read more »

~ colour in cold ~

Do you know whats the antidote to the cold winter weather and the gray skies? Colour, my ladies! From brightly-hued bags that offset a neutral look to statement-making jackets and coats, you can battle SAD with style—and win! After the jump! (Images via here)Filed under: inspirations Tagged: accessories, colour, ootd, outfit, street fashion, street look, [] read more »

The New Selfie Smartphone by Alcatel Onetouch

So the highly-anticipated ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH Selfie Smartphone is finally out, which is definitely good news for the many selfie lovers out there! Launched in Malaysia early December 2014 with the announcement of the intriguing #BEaFlasher campaign, ALCATEL ONETOUCH FLASH aims to captivate selfie lovers with enhanced camera features to ensure that oh-so-important selfie truly flashes your individual expression. The #BEaFlasher campaign will include a range of fun selfie related activities for all... read more »

Using Guitar Pedal Accessories

Guitar accessories such as pedals offers the best of all worlds. You can buy a basic multi-effects pedal today that will deliver almost any tone or effect you might need or want. These models provide everything from clean rhythm tones to full-out overdrive, along with all the must-have effects. There is no longer any need [] read more »

A New Case

So I recently acquired a new violin and it came in a case that was in a rather bad state of disrepair. As a result I put the case in storage and forgot about it, until the inside of my Continue reading read more »

Beige Crochet Knit Beanie by Cellot

I can easily say I have tons and tons of clothes...but am a little sparse on accessories, especially classy hats caps. I have an embarrassing amount of animal hats (will post on those later hehe) but nothing more mature...until now!I've always been a quirky person, and wanted something that was different than the normal hat. This gorgeous crocheted cap definitely fits the bill! This beige-colored beanie was less than $5 on Amazon, and came right in time for the cold weather. Read all about why I looooov... read more »


The Ndau Collectionis one of the best accessory brand from Zimbabwe that we have in Africa making unique fashion statements pieces each and every time. If you have been reading my posts here you will notice I have been wearing some of their pieces since they cater for both sexes. In the recently finished MBFWA2014, Ndau Collection showcased their beautiful statement pieces on the runway. They drew inspiration from the fashion themes for 2015/2016, in particular the Samurai theme. This led them to choosi... read more »

Atlantic Breeze

I was so busy this summer, thus Icompletely forgot about the pictures from Morocco. These photos inspired me to change the design of the blog. And one of them is the main picture now.Therefore, I hurry to share the rest of the photos. Shoes: Marwa Bag: M30 Dress: HMConscious Exclusive Hair accessory: Unknown designerEarrings: Romwe read more »


Hancock Fabrics, Inc. is one of the leading fabric chains serving the home sewing market. Known as "America's Fabric Store," the company retails and wholesales fabric, crafts, and other home sewing accessories in 33 states under the trade names of Hancock Fabrics, Minnesota Fabrics, Fabric Warehouse, and Fabric Market. read more »

~ get yourself accessorized! ~

(Images via here here)Filed under: inspirations Tagged: accessories, bags, shooes, street fashion, street look, street style read more »

Sunday Stylin Roundup

Hello friends and welcome to another week of Sunday Stylin Roundup.  The last two weeks of summer were fantastic in Delaware, as a matter of fact the entire summer season was fantastic and Autumn is starting out just as nice. The four outfits being featured this week include a lot of black, but who doesnt Continue reading The post Sunday Stylin Roundup appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Born Pretty, lo store dove trovare gioielli e a...

Care ragazze,questo post è per voi!Noi Lunch Girls vogliamo incamminarci verso nuovi sentieri, come forse avrete notato nell'ultimo periodo, dando sfogo anche ad altre passioni, come la moda, gli accessori ed i gioielli.Curiosando per la rete, ci siamo imbattute in questo carinissimo shop, ovvero Born Pretty, dove si può trovare quasi tutto ciò che una ragazza può desiderare.In questa occasione vogliamo segnalarvi gioielli ed accessori per capelli.Ecco la nostra selezione:Dear girls, this post is for you... read more »

NYFW SS15 Street Style

NYFW SS15 Street Style. As you know I absolutely love to have a look at all the street styles from the various fashion weeks (you can see a past fashion week related street style blog post here). Therefore I had to do another one showcasing some of my favourite NYFW SS15 street style looks. What do you think of the street style looks coming out of the NYFW so far? I've definitely been more interested in the finer details of the outfits this year than in previous years. I think some really cool accessor... read more »

Best World

Organic cotton collection Mantis World is well-known for producing high-quality, ethically-made styles that offer your customers an opportunity to personalise and re-brand. Mantis World have four boutique brands: Mantis for adults, Humbugz for Kids aged 2-12, Babybugz for babies aged 0-24 months and a 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton range with styles for all ages. Collezione in cotone biologico Mantis World è ben noto per la produzione di alta qualità, stili prodotti eticamente, che offrono ai cli... read more »

Get That Fabulous Look with Hair Extensions

Do you want to look young and beautiful? Why not get hair extensions to get the look you have always wanted? Getting extensions are not new the hippest celebrities have been using extensions to look fabulous on the red carpet, so why can’t you do the same? Hair extensions come in synthetic or human hair. [] read more »

Summer Scarf & Thankful Thursday

Hello friends, I am thankful that the summer weather here in the Mid-Atlantic area has not been oppressively hot and humid.  We did get some really heated days earlier in the season but then came those low to mid-80s temps which were fantastic. Last month I read a blog post by Mo over at Continue reading The post Summer Scarf Thankful Thursday appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

For honor and conscience

We like proverb 'Preaper the sled in summer, and cart in winter' in Russia very much,because Russian always prepare for the worst as well as to a good much earlier.That is why I invite you to take care about your winter look right now.Although we will not analyze the whole look, we just look at the winter footwear's chic trend.I've already wrote about the winter collection of Dolce Gabbana, but only about men. However, it should also pay attention to the female part. The girl in the armor - it's very in... read more »

Learning How to Play Drums

Learning how to drum is fun and exciting, but getting started can seem a little daunting especially for beginners. The first step that you need to do is to find the right drum which is perfect for beginners to set and to learn on. While cost is always a factor, the most important part of [] read more »

Sunday’s Best Church Dress

Hello friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and was able to do something fun with your family or friends.  Do you guys remember this dress from Midnight Velvet, it is still one of my favorite summertime sheaths. A few weeks ago I wore it to church along with my Avon Forever shoes Continue reading The post Sundays Best Church Dress appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

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