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Writing on Stone

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, is a place where history, belief, and art merge into an extraordinary landscape. It is a culturally important place to the Kainai, or Blood Tribe, who have existed in the region for thousands of years. This article is a first person account of Writing-on-Stone and the questions it inspires about place, history, art, and nature.

Is Your Tech Working for You? Accuracy of Activ...

Two studies that investigate the effectiveness of activity trackers.

Dark Place

Alberta is currently undergoing a massive economic collapse as oil prices decline. Recent research shows that suicides increase in middle-aged adults when economies collapse. Austerity measures could lead to limited healthcare resources for this at risk population in Alberta.


content discovered on Thursday, January 22, 2015 in uncategorized

Ive taken on a bit more of a workload in the New Year and its taking a bit of time for me to adjust. I hope to have my next blog out by the end of the month or early February. Thanks for reading my past posts and there is more to come. Rodney Steadman []

The Chosen Ones

Recent research out of the University of Nevada shows that choice in exercise order increases motivation.

At Arm’s Length

Ethnographic research on how older adults use activity to keep their diseases at arm's length.

Pareidolia Killed the Paranormal Star

How pareidolia and priming influences electronic voice phenomena.

Paranormal Blindness

The relationships between inattentional blindness, absorption, working memory capacity and paranormal belief or experiences.

The Emotions of Paranormal Belief

Belief in the paranormal may have more to do with a person’s emotional state than what goes bump in the night.

Ghost in the Lab

How science can be used to explain paranormal experiences.

The Playing Ground Part Two

“Come back daddy…DADDY!” But daddy was too busy talking on his phone while lounging on a park bench to play with her on the monkey bars. Annoying. As I stated in my last post, The Playing Ground Part One, I frequently use the playground for my workouts: pull-ups and laps on the monkey bars; dips []

The Playing Ground Part One

I love playgrounds. There is nothing like finding a well-built playground that can accommodate the needs of both adults and children: monkey bars, slides, swings, and a nearby field. My basic playground workout consists of pull-ups and laps on the monkey bars; dips on the handrails at the top of some slides; knee-tuck push-ups on []

Sound Aggression

For tomorrow, he knew, all the Who girls and boys, would wake bright and early. Theyd rush for their toys! And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise! Thats one thing he hated! The NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! –Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas It’s bad enough that the Grinch had []

What is Nature?

content discovered on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 in nature animation conservation disney environmentalism film history nature wild wildlife

In my previous two blogs, “Nature Helps” and “Does Nature Influence How We Think?,” I presented research that showed the benefits of exposure to nature. At the end of “Nature Helps,” I made the observation that “Some, if not all, of the more beautiful images of nature and plants…in Zhang’s study have been manipulated or ‘made’ []

Does Nature Influence How We Think?

So, does nature influence how we think? According to recent research out of the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, connectedness with nature may influence cognitive styles. The research team, led by Carmen Lai Yin Leong, conducted two studies with Singaporean secondary students as participants. In the first study, Leong and her team examined []

Nature Helps

About a month ago I started to rejuvenate a horribly conceived garden at the front of a property I own with my sister. It was a project we wanted to tackle since we purchased the property, but we had other priorities that needed our attention before we could shift our focus to the garden. Once []

Absurd, but True?

Have you heard about “the obesity paradox?” Like all paradoxes, the obesity paradox suggests that something absurd might be true such as obese adults might have a greater chance of surviving some diseases than normal weight adults. According to a 2011 review by Paul McAuley and Steven Blair, a 1982 study by a research team []

Active Aging: Hiking, Health, and Healing

The following is an excerpt from an article I published in Anthropology Aging Quarterly (2013) on the illness and recovery experiences and perceptions of physically active middle aged and older adults participating in hiking groups.  Chloé’s Story In early October of 2010, R (lead author) arrived in a parking lot at 6:30 am to []


How does hominin evolution impact our daily lives – what the hell is a hominin? We are hominins. Hominoids are the branch of primates that includes all the past and present species of lesser and great apes. Hominins are all the species in the Homo sapiens’ lineage after the split with a common chimpanzee and []

Enough Already

content discovered on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 in hacks alpha male elliot roger homicide misogyny ucsb yesallwomen

I find it disturbing that so many uninformed opinions have been given so much attention on the issue of Elliot Rodger and the California murders. First, all this attention is exactly what he wanted and provides motivation for others thinking about committing similar acts. Second, nobody knows all the facts so all this speculation does []

It’s Simple, But It’s Not

The road to living a long and healthy life is simple, but it’s not. There are numerous studies like Vasanti S. Malik’s, published in Nature Reviews Endocrinology in 2013, that identify several factors contributing to obesity such as, income level, education, and geography. It is a complex issue often reduced to ridiculous sound bites in []

The Life Active

I have never known a time when I have been inactive. Sure, I have had injuries and illness, but I have never been out of commission for an extended period of time. I think the longest I have gone without any form of physical activity in my adult life has been two weeks. My parents []

Hip Hop Breaks Silence on Mental Health: Pharoa...

content discovered on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 in

Originally posted on Nursing Clio:While some hip hop artists and groups  have addressed the issue of healthy eating, few have tackled mental health. Hip hop’s distant relationship with mental health should not be surprising, as many African Americans have considered issues such as depression, suicide, and other mental and psychiatric ailments taboo.  Last month, the suicide of For

Belief vs. Research-based Decisions

content discovered on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in

Health and wellness is more than diet and nutrition. It is a complex interaction of social, political, geographical, and economic factors. That is why it is crucial for governments to conduct extensive research before introducing or eliminating social programs created to address specific health and wellness needs. What is unacceptable, and abhorrent, is when governments []

What do you think?

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