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Hilton Lakes, 23/06/13

content discovered on Sunday, June 23, 2013 in north east common tench fishing float hilton mirror carp sweetcorn bream

I have now returned home from University at Loughborough back to the joyful north-east of England near Middlesbrough - hence the blog name change. I have a job lined up beginning in July in Hertfordshire, which will lead to another blog name change in the next month. Today I thought I would try out somewhere new, and decided to give the Hilton fishing lakes at Hilton near Yarm a try. It is a relatively new man-made venue, only open a few years, so there are no monster fish in there yet, but supposedly...

Fish in distress

content discovered on Sunday, May 26, 2013 in saved canal grand union poacher loughborough bream

I went fishing for a few hours today on the canal at Swingbridge Road. The fishing was terrible, caught one very small chub on maggot - but the boat traffic was unbelievable. As I was fishing by the reeds, I spotted a large fish in the reeds, wiggling around but not moving anywhere. I assumed it was a spawning fish so left it alone for a few minutes, but it had not moved ten minutes later. I had found loads of loose thick monofilament line all over the floor around the area - picking them up to take ho...

"Bitchin' Twitchin' " lure making

content discovered on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 in rapala homemade perch lure spoon pike

I haven't been fishing for ages - way too much work to do for uni. However I have been spending a few minutes each day making lures which I thought I would post about. Before I start, the idea came from the 'Totally Awesome Fishing Show' on Youtube, link:Totally awesome fishing show - bitchin' twitchin' rig This video is definitely worth a watch as well as all of the other videos on their channel. Basically the rig is a standard twitched sprat with a spoon ahead of the sprat - to act as an extra att...

Fish of a lifetime - lost

content discovered on Saturday, April 13, 2013 in canal rapala chub devastation lure loughborough

It has been many many years since I nearly cried because of a fish. The last time was losing my first ever big carp at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. Today I felt exactly the same, unfortunately I don't have any evidence for this story so its up to you whether you believe it. This morning was beautiful weather, due to get worse the next few days so I thought I'd give my awesome Husky Jerk Rapala lure another go on the canal, see post below for pic and details. Anyway, I wasn't getting any action in my u...

Grand Union Canal, 10/04/13

content discovered on Thursday, April 11, 2013 in maggot float perch silver bream worm loughborough rapala fishing bleak lure roach dace pike

Its been unbelievably long since the last bit of nice weather, so the wind dropping and temperatures rising was always going to produce a good days fishing. With the river close season in place, obviously I would be hitting the canal. Fishing along the Bishop's Meadow and Swingbridge sections with mixed maggots and worm produced a good mix of silver bream, perch, roach, dace and bleak. Boat traffic was a major major issue, with everyone in the East Midlands who owns a boat deciding it was a nice day to...

Osiers - First session on the Soar

content discovered on Thursday, March 21, 2013 in fishing river perch chub bleak roach osiers soar loughborough dace bream pike

I think it was November by the time I decided to have a go fishing the river Soar. I had a good look on google maps for the best looking stretches, and decided on 'Osiers', which is south of Loughborough, just before the river joins the canal at Pillings lock. I just wanted to try trotting a maggot along some nice swims and see if there were many fish in that part of the river. I took some castors with me as well; if the fish were feeding well I would go for a larger bonus fish with a castor and maggot...

First canal trip ever

content discovered on Friday, March 8, 2013 in maggot fishing perch float roach ruffe bishops meadow loughborough

The weather is rubbish and I have loads of University work to do, so I won't be going fishing for a week or so, and to keep this blog interesting I thought I'd do a new post about the first time I went fishing in Loughborough. I had ran along much of the canal around Loughborough before, so I had a reasonable idea of where some fish holding features may be. It was mid-October, and it was very bright. I decided to fish in the shadow of bishops meadow bridge - the first bridge beyond the conversion of ri...

Rubber pike strikes again

content discovered on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 in canal fishing perch lure loughborough pike

With the first warm weather for a few weeks, I thought I'd take a few lures along to the canal to see if I could catch a large perch that I have been wantingfor a while. There are definitely large specimen perch in the canal and river Soar around Loughborough; I have seen one being caught before. The lure I decided to use was a little rubber waggly thing (I really don't know that much about lures yet), and from a range of wonderful colours I went for a silver one, as common sense tells me that a fish w...

Lougborough Canal, 27/01/2013

content discovered on Sunday, January 27, 2013 in

Venue - Loughborough Canal, below Bishops Meadow Lock After the heavy snowfall and sub zero temperatures so far of 2013, the first warm weather to move in wasdefinitely a good time to go fishing, despite having loads of coursework to do.The significant snow melt had caused the river to rise and colour significantly, so there could only be the choice of fishing the canal. Walking down from the town centre towards Zouch, the water was heavily coloured with significant surface drift caused by a strong east...

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